A billion kisses and a Bing-Dong

Have I been living under a rock? How come it wasn't until reading a couple of blogs that I discovered that bright yellow CD with the silohuette of a tree and the amazing Jack Johnson? This CD is amazing. It makes me happy. It makes me want to do all sorts of weird things...like go surfing, or paint or take a ride in a convertible that I don't have with the top down. Thank you so much Laney for putting it in your blog, and so much MG for burning it for me and sending it to me. I LOVE it...

I want to read more. I want to educate myself more. I want to learn things. So I vow that after I am done with my Harry Potters that I will read some books. I need suggestions...

I made the mistake of giving Bing a Ding Dong today on my lunch break. Needless to say he had to have a bath directly after he devoured it. It was all in his little crevices...in his hair, in his ears, in his belly rolls, in his nostrils..i called him Bing Dong. :o)

Julian was coloring invitations...(he is constantly creating "invitations") don't ask, there is no explanation. He got a nice new fresh haircut. He looks completely different with a hair cut. He looks younger I think - and momma loves that.

Im such a hands on mom. Meaning I am constantly touching my children. I am a sucker for hands. I love baby hands! Especially MY babies' hands. I squeeze them literally hundreds of times a day. I love toes too but they aren't as easily accessible as the hands. I like ears too. I must give a billion kisses a day too. They won't be this little forever. I am fully aware...so i took full advantage.

Need to go grocery shopping. Need to do Jude's HIPPY lesson. Need to work out tonight. Need to organize for my yard sale.

Want to go to CKU. Want to eat something really naughty. Want to get my hair highlighted. Want my house to look like a page from Pottery Barn.

Betcha didn't know or wanna know...
I went to Catholic kindegarten and got a spanking by the nuns one day for sticking my tongue out at a girl who answered "snake" to the question that I wanted to answer. (b*tch)

have a good weekend-
miss wren

5 people took the time to say:

Amber said...

bing dong? lol
all the things that you want..i want. gettin motivated is a b*tch isn't it? I've missed your words. Love your blog. Hope to be online soon.
Miss u me,

Amber said...

OH by the way...love your little fact about yourself...you should have taken her out!

marygrace said...

Bing Dong?! You come up with the cutest names :)

Let me know when the J. Johnson CD arrives. Then we can jam together!

Angi B said...

oh ya, "bing-dong". love it.

Laney said...

Bing Dong, how cute! I have so many nick names for my cats, I can't imagine what I will be like with real kids! Glad you liked the Jack Johnson cd, I have his old one too, I'll have to burn it for ya.