Floating Lemon

Thanks for the cheery emails - they really made me smile...it continues to amaze me on a daily basis that women from all over the country have become kindred spirits (Anne of Green Gables) It baffles me...This one common thing called scrapbooking has bound us all together..

A sweet excerpt from a sweet email from a sweet new friend

isn't that somethin'? we only know each other thru the forum of peanut
praise, oogling each other's pages, bloggin' and emailin'. but here we are for eachother 24-7... as long as we're wired in we're there for each other...amazing.

Hubby comes home today...he says he has treats. (sounds like they are for the dog or something.) i love saying treats. or goodies. i like those words.

Things that make me smile - They are average, everyday things, but they are things that I appreciate -Sandler patting me on the back, E-Mail, Ellen DeGeneres, the clothes I want to wear actually being in my closet as opposed to the laundry room, the scale being nice, sean's grilled chicken and corn on the cob, julian cracking jokes, my mom and her big ole glass of sweet tea with a lemon floating on top.

My belly is grumbling - i skipped lunch so I can go home early. Might surprise the hubby with dinner and movie if he feels up to it when he gets in. Has anyone seen Sin City? I love me some Brittany Murphy. Her laugh is contagious. It makes me laugh. Laughter...what a sweet thing.

If I am writing a letter, and I misspell a word or mess up, I will start all the way over. Thank God for email...

Almost done with Harry Potter III!!!! (now MG can tell me why its her favorite)


5 people took the time to say:

Anonymous said...

*love* Harry Potter. I'm reading book 4 for the 3rd time. Then I'll read book 5... I want to be ready for the July 16th release of book 6. LOL! I'm a sad, sad woman!

Angi B said...

awwwww. thanks for that,soul sista.

marygrace said...

Hit me when you finish the book! Then let's talk :)

Amber said...

Harry Potter huh? I might have to check into this. I've heard rave reviews from many a peeps. Hmmmm...
I love the things that made u smile today. They all would make me smile as well, also....another thing we have in common, I too love BM...she rocks. Her laugh is the cutest and I think she is a great actress!
Ok, i'm off to finally email you...

Laney said...

Made me smile just reading your list girlie. Have fun with your new treats!