Completely Random Thoughts from my Brain

The trimspa is wearing off...me hungry. {Trimspa Baby...} <------------- that won't get out of my head. I think her voice is in that pill. I think im hallucinating from the pill.

internet friends are the best. the connections are amazing. plus, its basically a flawless relationship because they are too far away to have a serious fight with. no catiness, no bullshit. just FRIENDSHIP>

britney is officially retarded.

still don't get the tom and katie thing.

or the renee and kenney " i stuffed my pants with a pimento cheese sandwich" chesney

im hungry.

bing is walking.

i love pink and white and black together.

i love polka dots.

im hungry.

I want a french manicure on my toes.

I want to boycott Wal-Mart from my checkbook.

My husband never wants me to come to work. He wants me to stay in bed. Ignore the bills. Forget about needing a paycheck. *sigh* if only i could. he makes it so tempting.

I always have to write a letter on my hand to remember to do something, or tell sean something.

I can't wait for the Black Eyed Peas CD to come out.

im hungry.

I really want to jump on the Art Journal bandwagon. I would post them here.

23 minutes until lunch. I'm going to surprise Sean and not come back to work after lunch.

The Mavericks lost in the playoffs. They sucked a*s.

i need to go to the post office.

jude needs to take swim lessons.

i am so happy for amber. {its an amazing journey my friend}

5 people took the time to say:

Klala said...

I am hungry too. Damn.

Amber said...

yeah. i'm not hungry. i pigged out on carrots and cabbage. (all healthy stuff girl...I promise.....)
and the journey has been quite amazing thus far.

Meghan said...

Can I ever make a famous appearance into your blog? HUH? I am fucking hungry too. I am on weight watchers! I joined but guess what? I lost seven pounds because I got so sick...I am hungry now...this crystal light isn't filling me up. love this blog...

aNgi b said...

lists...love them...and random thoughts...i'm a random kinda girl too...yeah,what's up with Tom and Katie {he poured his heart out on Oprah and then ran through the studio to drag her up to the stage...)...i agree about britney...aLways hungry too...love pink and black (of course!)...don't mind me I'm just rambling on in your comments (ha!)...oh yeah,so happy for Amber,too! {can you tell that i'm so bored with my own blog I have to come over here and ramble on yours?)

Laney said...

Love this post! I agree with the wal-mart one..I can't go in that damn store w/o spending too much!