Favor...A Huge one...{For Sean}

Ok...this is the deal.
And I CANNOT believe that I'm asking for help but this is for Sean, so I'm swallowing my pride.

Sean has decided to give 100% in collecting "My Coke Points" from Coca-Cola products.

To earn points you have to enter in the codes found on bottle caps from 2-Liters, 1-Liters, 20 oz, and the tearaway flap from the fridge packs. The tearaway flaps are TEN points, while the bottle caps are only 3 points.

To earn enough points for what Sean wants its going to take 20,000 points!!! That's insane! Its Nuts! But he is so, so, so determined.

There is NO WAY one person can do this on their own. And Sean is sooooooo dedicated, which is what its gonna take if he wants to earn a TV. Its going to take dedication...and ALOT of help.

The codes can be found on Coca-Cola Classic, Coke with Lime, Coca-Cola C2, Cherry Coke, Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, Caffeine Free Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Diet Coke with Lime, Diet Cherry Coke, Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Diet Coke with SplendaƂ®. So no Sprite or Dr. Pepper.

So I'm asking YOU..my friends...my buddies...to save them for Sean...send them to us. I will mail you some stamps...I will scrap some photos...I will send a RAK...I will hook you up...if you help ME help HIM not dig in the recycling dumpster.

Your trash is Sean's treasure. Everyone drinks SOME form of Coca-Cola products. So I'm asking you to save something that you would ordinarily just throw away. If you don't drink any Coca-Cola but your friend does...snatch her lid (when she's done of course) and say this is for a friend! Do it for Sean. Do it because I don't want him digging in the recycling bin dumpster. Get a little jar, or a little baggie and save the coke lids and the fridge pack flaps for him.

If you think you can help me by helping him...email me! And again...I will totally do something nice in return.
The promotion runs until the middle of January...so thats 7 whole months of saving that you can help out with.

Thanks girls.
You knowIi love you.
and 'pree-shate ya.


19 people took the time to say:

Michelle W. said...


Go Sean go!

sad to say I've give up soda. But maybe I'll start drinking rum and coke again so I can get some for you! LOL. Should that be a baby shower gift idea?


Caroline said...

i'll save up the coke stuff when I come across it.

Jen said...

I would LOVE to help you my darling friend, but alas...I am a Mt. Dew drinker, and that's it. And Brad doesn't drink soda.
BUt if I come across any, I am saving em for ya.

erika said...

that shot is classic.
when we do drink it..it's coke..
so i'll save it when we get it.
we won't be much help though...
pop is not a regular in this house...
he REALLY wants that TV, eh?

Heather said...

i am a coke-aholic. i have recently gone to drinking the littel bity ones. trying to limit my sugar intake you know. but, i'm sure there are some bottles and boxes in my future, they're yours or his rather. i'll let you know when i've got a stash going. good luck keeping him out of the dumpster!!


*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

YOU GOT IT SISTER! Email me your addy!

Anonymous said...

my husband is the biggest
coke head. Coca-cola not
"coke" ya know. LOL!! i will
save as many as i can for
you, cuz you're my girl!!
and well i think, i have a
feeling, that he will still be
rummaging dumpsters,
because he seems pretty
passionate about the cause.

Jamie said...

that's so awesome! i really don't drink pop, but i've got friends who do, so i'll be happy to send what i can dig up. too funny. :)

Nikki said...


I have stalked your blog for forever and I go thru a 12 pack of diet coke every three days and I would love to help you out. E mail me and tell me where to send them and they are all yours and you do not need to do anything in return I am glad to do it!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I have already thrown some away! Drink it everyday at work..... will be glad to send them your way... I will also get the other guys at work to save them for you, maybe it will keep your husband from dumpster diving.... send me your addy.

sarah.b said...

i am bad at this kind of stuff but I wil definitely try, for you!

Melissa said...

I was gonna save em myself to get the MP3 but I will never save that many myself. This is a great idea though! You can totally have all my codes. When I signed up online they just needed the code off the package though. If you need the whole thing just let me know and I'll send them to ya! Good luck getting to 20K!

Amber said...

that photo is killing me.
i've already got one lid for him,
but tell him I would be happy to go dumpster diving w/ him when I visit.
but...i will.
all in the name of a big screen.
love ya. glad to be home.

gabbyfek said...

i think i gots a fridge pack
right now
i shall go see if it has points....

the queen said...

I have kids, I understand the obsession. Black cherry vanilla coke is my one and only bad habit (see my blog aqueenintraining.blogspot.com, May 27). I drink a gallon of this stuff everyday and would LOVE to help your son. Please leave me the particulars and I will have my friends save theirs too. Have a great day and nice to meet you (ya, I know, we haven't really met)

EliseBlaha said...

email me too...i'll send when i get some.


happy to help!!

Sarah said...

We're coke addicts here. I'll see what I can do.

Will he win the max headroom tee-shirt? I wanted that so bad. I did have two tee-shirts, and a pair of sunglasses from the coke points back in the day.

Ryann said...

I too have been haunting your blog from back in the effer days... I will certainly be glad to send you ours... it's all we drink around here! Every little bit will help!

.:liza:. said...

This coke-drinking-blog-lurker will start saving codes for you too. I had every intention to save them for something for myself, but I can't even remember my damm password for the rewards website, much less drink enough to get what I would really want from there. So my codes will go to you in an effort to keep you from washing dumpster stinky clothes.

Rum & coke...now that's a good idea!