My Middle. My Bing. My Love.

My Bing.
My Sandler Christian Nicholson Wren.
Loves strawberry/chocolate milk. (Must do the shake shake shake for Bingy song when making it)
When going to bed says "Mom, when I wake up can I _____________". (changes each time)
Loves power rangers and Ben 10 and costumes.
Loves his little sister more than anything. Shares with her, rubs her back, gives her bites.
Adores baths.
Gets freaked out if any of his "dudes" get near the drain. Genuinely fears the bathtub drain.
Makes messes.
Colors his nails with sharpies.
Drives Julian crazy.
His favorite movie is White Chicks. (Put it on the part where she bumps her Noggin mom!)
Has somewhat of a FIERCE chocolate addiction.
Reads his own book at storytime. (and cracks us all up with his version)
Says I wub you sweet mommy.
His hair is always in his face, he is constantly pushing it out of his eyes.
Has little rice teeth.
Fiesty, rambunctious, loves to wrestle.
Has flat little Fred Flinstone feet.
Wants to go to school so badly, and says I can go! I already have a turtle backpack!
Helps me cook, do laundry, clean up...he is my little sidekick. Joined at the hip.
Goes with me on every errand.
When he gets a favorite movie, watches it 114x a week.
Currently its Toy Story AKA Buzzyear.
Is such a flirt.
Loves cereal in a baggie, no milk, no spoon.
Feeds of laughter and attention.
Wraps up random things around the house in notebook paper or dishtowels and says Surprise!
Loves to snuggle.
I love this little boy. I was so very nervous to have a second child because I didn't think I could ever love a child more than Julian. So I was nervous. But my god was i so very wrong...i love this kid. He is my world. He is my buddy. He is hilarious. And so chill.
I just don't feel like I talk about him enough. I feel like he is growing up and I am missing it because he isn't the oldest or the youngest but my middle. I don't want to be paranoid about him being a middle...i love him.
My Bing.

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12 people took the time to say:

erika said...

aww. this is just sugar.
i love it.
your love for your babies....it's the best.
jack is convinced that you made a photo montage of him, and he is tickled about that ;)
he is also checking my spelling which is cracking me up
we must talk...i'm moving to "stupid crappy" arkansas ;)
and besides that...I MISS YOU!

amy lapi said...

he is just the cuuu-test thing :)

ahardy said...

what a sweet montage of pics along with
a list of love that only a mama could know about!
you are so *fab*!

Pound said...

he is just the cutest.
and he sounds like the exact same kid ethan was at 3 ish. :P

Courtney DeLaura said...

oh i love that bing
[[[Must do the shake shake shake for Bingy song when making it]]]
so funny you say that cause I've never seen you do the song but when I watched the kids and i was making him his choc. milk I totally did this whole shake shake song and dance. He just laughed and laughed. probably was thinking OH MY GOSH SHE IS SO CRAZY JUST LIKE MY MOM!!! he loves it. he is the BEST seriously love that bing!!!

Carrie Oswalt said...

Hey Ash...miss you...my first visit to the blog and I love your music, pics, and words. You can always bring me to tears!!!! I miss you and love you.
Love your sis in law

Gigi said...

awww...that bing is a special little dude :)

& i hear ya on the middle thing..ry-boy is the middle
hmmm...maybe THAT is why he is so crazy? i'm just searching for any reason other than "gi...he is just crazy...deal" :)


*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

i love your little lists about your kids! so sweet!

Sara said...

Well you're not who I thought you were... Stumbled across your blog today and got all excited for a minute - but you're not "her".
That's OK though. I enjoyed lookin around at yer stuff. Nice work. :0) And the trip down memory lane inspired a post from me.

Scrap on...
Sara http://scrapsofsara.blogspot.com

Sara said...
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Christy said...

Awww, the sweetness. I lub this! You are the bestest mama ever and Bing is the cutest! One of these days we and our kidlets will meet and it will be wonderful. :)

kim brimhall said...

with you for a mama...i doubt he will have any trouble as a "middle".