Blue Spots

So I ate a turkey sandwich last night...big freaking deal.

I wrote the above line because I said I wouldn't eat a morsel of food after ridiculously stuffing myself on Easter. I didn't eat all day yesterday, then I worked out..I was seeing blue spots and I was grouchy...so there.

i am carrying my capri sun purse today...feeling very summery. I need some new sunglasses. Summer is well on its way. Im not a big fan of the heat. Don't like to sweat. (unless I'm working out and its for a good cause) I know I better get over this dislike for the heat because my boys are growing up and football, soccer, and track are not indoors.

I am going to have a yard sale. All proceeds will go to the Sean and Ashley Anniversary Trip fund. I wish it was for the "Send Broke Ashley to CKU Fund". If it is meant to be it will be. I said that I was going to start making things happen. Stop saying "I need to" or "That would be fun" I am just going to do it and make it happen. CKU would be such an amazing experience. Something that I could cherish forever. Its my people. Noone understands my crazy hobby but them.

I still have Easter egg dye underneath my left thumb nail. Gross.

**Betcha didn't know or even wanna know**( a new addition to the Pieces of Me blog for your reading pleasure)
When I was in 6th grade, I pierced my bellybutton because I saw Alicia Silverstone do it in that Aerosmith video. What a moron. sheesh.


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Anonymous said...

HAHA! Yes! U posted the piercing thingy! LOVE IT! Also, you are nasty...wash your fingernails...DIRTBALL. :o)
Livin' La Vida Loca,

Anonymous said...

ouch! did you pierce your belly button yourself? or did you have your belly button pierced?! i pierced my own ears but that was certainly enough! the thing I remember the most was the loud POP when the needle went all the way through!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I say good for you because I'm such a sucker for pain. I scream murder with anything more painful than a paper cut. Yeah, I'm definitely not ready for childbirth...(MG)

Angi B said...

Ashley, I love the little pieces of you add-on's (so clever,girl!)

I'm gonna have to agree with MG:I have an anti-affinity to pain. Each time I learned that i was pregnant the intial reaction wasn't "God has Blessed our family once again" (although in all seriousness this is truly the case)- I would be dreading delivery day...even after the 2nd or third one, they didn't just walk out like everybody said!

Angi B

Anonymous said...

You are one brave girl!! I had several drinks in me when I got up the nerve to have mine pierced, I can't imagine doing it myself. -Laney