I don't have a cell phone; and I still have my scarf on

Its Wednesday morning, and I am still sleepy. Damn reality shows keeping me up all night. I am sitting here at work and I still have my scarf on. Its a red one that my little sister gave me for Christmas. Whats so funny is, is that I gave her a GAP scarf for Christmas. So we both exchanged scarves for Christmas. Either we're both really in tune with each other or really cheap.

I did not get this morning. Therefore I have to spend 40 minutes of my beloved family time with those damn dumbbells. I was up at 6 - and then drifted. But not before Sean went on a tangent about flying in his dreams. And about how falling is scary. Not hitting the ground but the actually falling part. I tried to relate but couldn't. And boy did he feel passionate about it. Then he stopped rambling and went to sleep.

On my way out this morning, I went to give my three boys a kiss. Sandler Bing was peeking up at me dozing off to sleep. Sucking on his bottle, and smiling. I love seeing them all three together like that. I wanted to be in bed so bad. I was genuinely sleepy, so it made me happy knowing what they were enjoying at that very minute. It also made me sad because I was leaving them for 8 hours.

I love coffee. That was one of the best things about coming back to work. Knowing that there would be a fresh pot of coffee every morning. Splenda and lots of fat free creamer. Thats how me likes it. I keep forgetting my coffee cup though. I have been drinking out of this oversized styrofoam cup. I like it though. What is it about cool coffee containers? They are a must have. So many celeb snapshots with a dang coffee in their hand. Its like a fashion thing. You just look cooler if you have one of those Starbucks cups with the brown paper around the middle. Or also those iced coffees with the straw. That and a cell phone are essentials. i don't have a Starbucks or a cell phone. Can you believe its the year 2005 and I don't have a freaking cell phone? I'm Laura Freaking Engalls I tell you. Anyway, what got me off on my tangent.................oh yeah my oversize styrofoam cup. I like it. I guess i think im cool with it.

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