My Pinky Toe is Broken...

We went on a little road trip to Little Rock yesterday. Sean had to have a drug screening and a physical exam for his new postal job. We were supposed to get up and work out and start our day out well, without rushing and all. I HATE RUSHING! I like that organized, I'm not forgetting anything feeling. Well, we were supposed to leave the house by 8:45..and we woke up at 8:03...So we are scrambling around. We both had to take a shower, both boys needed dressed, diaper bag needed to be packed (baggie of cheeto puffs, toys), jude's entertainment needed to be taken care of (monster trucks, notebook, colors, books) So we made it out of the house by like 9:07 or something. And of course...i felt like i was forgetting something.

Sean didn't want to listen to the radio because he wanted to really listen to what Jude was saying. Not just hear him, but really hear him. Ya know? I completely understand. Jude talks so much its hard to take in and savor every single little bitty thing he says. The boys slept most of the way. They don't get up until like 10 so it was still bedtime for them.We took Sean's mom's car because we still have to get something minor on the Jeep fixed (coils or something) and I dislike being in a car. I am used to our SUV. The car was just too damn small. And we had all that stuff in the back.

Anyway...went to Sean's appointments. Me and the boys waited in the car at the first stop and the boys ate chocolate covered donuts (one of my pre-diet faves - the smell was killing me - i really thought i was going to eat them and even eat the wrapper) sandler was in the front seat with me.. playing with the satellite radio wire. jude was hanging out of the window. At the next stop we sat at a picnic table outside because sean's paperwork said "no guests, no family, no friends" how nice of them. Sandler sat on the table eating his banana puffs.

We ate at Arby's..I got a low-carby (<-----how clever) wrap and sean got a fried chicken salad with rasberry vinegarette...then he beat himself up almost the entire lunch about he should have asked for GRILLED chicken...sheesh i said. just eat the salad. jude got cheesy fiesta potatoes from Taco Bell. he's addicted to those things i tell you. Grammy said she was going to start calling him spud.

Went to Target..took that fryer from Christmas back..got some really pretty curtains called Vintage Rose for the living room.

Begged to go to the scrapstore...was pleased when I went in and didn't find anything. Would have felt extremely guilty had I bought something. Money is very tight right now. And rub-ons or cardstock is not a priority.

Got home...dreaded working out. It had been such a long day. Riding in the car..got home and worked out. Mom came down..she had an eye appointment and a lunch date with Jude the next day. I had to go to Wal-Mart and get some things. Mom bought us some essentials like she always does. Came in Sandler Bing was crying for me to nurse him...was running around putting the Wal-Mart stuff up, went over the doggie divider (a rubbermaid container that keeps Napoleon from getting to the rest of the house) and mom said "get me some grapes" so i ran back to the kitchen...bing is still screaming...lifted my foot over the doggie divider and my pinkie toe clipped the container. I cryed...I leaned against the wall and cried...Took mom the grapes...Still crying. Got in bed...nursed Sandler...Still crying. Not just because of the toe. For all the stress i have been feeling this week. The toe was somewhat of a scapegoat. But it still hurt like hell. So here I am at work with only one shoe on. I'm not crying though.

Going on a lunch date with Mom, Sandler, Jude, and Sean...to CiCi's...will eat yummy pizza for lunch and a lite salad for dinner.

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