Infomercials at 3 am

I just made an absolutely horrible and shocking discovery today while emailing a friend.

You know how parents always have that name for you that they were gonna use? Well mine in itself is horrible. Absolutely hideous. And my mom to this very day thinks its a beautiful name.


Yep. No joke. I'm not kidding. I couldn't make up a name that bad. (and if you know anyone with this name, please forgive me) My mom's name is Dell. I named Julian after her. Julian Tai Dell Wren. But Dewana Dell?

Well here comes the horrible and shocking discovery part. I had never put two and two together and realized what my full name would have been.


Isn't that just awful? Can you just imagine what I would have had to endure? The number of times a guy would have yelled out my ridiculous name to me? Or cruel girls saying "Hey Dewanna Man? Hope you get one! or In your dreams!"

go ahead. laugh. laugh all you want. throw you head back and laugh. thank you sweet jesus above for letting me become Ashley Nichole.

Let me just state for the record that my husband and I were up from 2am - 4am this morning watching freaking infomercials. They could talk a woman with white gloves into buying a ketchup popsicle (tommy boy) I love laying in bed - laughing with him. He keeps me laughing. I love to laugh. I only wish laughing burned as many calories as that damn Tae-Bo DVD does.

until i type again,

Oh I almost forgot the **Betcha didn't know or even wanna know fun fact**

I like stale Cheeto Puffs.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dewana...you totally cracked me up with this post! -Laney

Anonymous said...

Oh dear dear Dewana. I love it girl. LOL
Aren't infomercials the best?!? I always get drawn into them. My mom used to walk in the room and just watch me as I was totally wrapped up into one w/ a stupid grip and flip or some crap like that! Isn't it amazing how much they actually sell though? They are good....they are damn good.
Loved your email today, will write you later this evening my little buttercuppers.
(oh yes...i did get my boobs under control..)

marygrace said...

Dewana...have some ice cream?
Dewana...join me for a margarita?
Dewana...sing some karaoke?

Yes, lady, you just gave me a whole lot of ammo :D :D

Angi B said...

Dewana... go to the sauna?
Dewana... sing like Madonna?

that's all i got. nothing else rhymes.

angi b

marygrace said...

Dewana...go for a run-a?
Dewana...water your fauna?
Dewana...go see The Donnas?

Thanks, Angi, for the idea! This is fun! :)

mindi11 said...

this is hilarious! thanks for making me laugh and laugh.