Pronounced MUE-GEE

I've got 10 minutes until time to go home. I feel a little sad today. A little underwhelmed. Can't put my finger on why. I just want to be me. Just be myself. Not worry about what other people are doing. or achieving. i want to be the best Ashley that i can be. I don't want to compare myself to anyone or anything. i am tired of feeling like what im giving isn't good enough or not as good as so ans so's. these are not the things that matter. who i am as a person and who i am to those that i love and that love me is all that matters. i know i don't make sense, but i feel better after having typed that.

Things to Smile About today:

American Idol -

The Amazing Race-

My Boys-

I've already worked out today-

Sean said I looked skinnier (You's losin' weight moogie) I love when he calls me moogie. Pronounced MUE-GEE But normally he says it when he is either talking in a baby voice, or he is saying something that he is scared that will make me mad or hurt my feelings. (and sean if you are reading this you know you do)
Is it really considered "skinnier" if you aren't skinny to begin with? I guess less fat does sound a little harsh....

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