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Good Morning Broken and Bruised Pinky Toe -

What meaningless information should I type today...I guess I can recap my weekend. Friday night went to Taco Bell - ate a yummy fiesta taco salad (a whole 17 points but worth every decimal) Sean got a subway sandwich (na-na why don't you brag about it Mr. Willpower) went and rented Saw and The Spongebob Squarepants Movie -two movies on completely different ends of the spectrum I know...

Saturday Caleb our neighbor came over while his mom went to work for a few hours. Julian and Caleb (or Batman as he likes to be called) fight like teenage girls I tell you...Took them to McDonalds to get some of that never-ending energy out. Sean and I snuck in Oriental Gardens...(#8 Boneless Fried Chicken all white meat with the chicken on the side, fried rice, and eggroll instead of won-ton) I have been going to Oriental Gardens (or OG as Sean and I say) since I was 2 years old...and I have never tried anything else. OG is a major "thing" to sean and me. One of those important, and historic places. We ate there right after our wedding...{BING LOVES BROWN RICE} So back to McDonald's with OG in hand...Jude ordered his own food at the register "A chocolate shake and small fry please" he thought he was the shiz-nit. Caleb ate the traditionally nuggets and fries with about 30 packets of ketchup. While the boys were eating a 10 or 11 year old little boy was cracking sean and I up.. He was a regular little comedian or quite possibly just attention starved. He introduced Julian to something that I can't believe that I have never seen or heard before. We named it "Tray Surfing". Get on a tray and surf belly down the curly-Q slide...How fun is that? Jude loved it - but only did it once. That was enough he said.

Came home - took Caleb back to his Mom's and Julian went with him. Visited with his mom (Julie) when we went to pick Jude up.

Fell asleep watching Friday Night Lights.

Sunday-came to work to make up some time for last Thursday. Jude came with me and talked non-stop (felt guilty because i had to focus which was extremely hard to do with his endless chatter) he colored the inside of little styrofoam cups with highlighters and filled them up with water and was completely entertained with the fact that it turned the water whatever color the highlighter was. He ate grapes. Drew on the dry erase board. Drank coffee. Colored. Had a monster truck show. and searched for "big, huge" rocks. ( He said his plans were to color faces on them)

Came home - went to Big Lots and got a curtain rod with the cool little curly thingies on the end for my new Vintage Rose curtains. Grilled porkchops and chicken..sat outside..talked about business ideas. bing sat in his exersaucer and ate a banana muffin. Ate dinner...finished Friday Night Lights...Scrapbooked a little.

Could not sleep!!! Watched a couple of "The Real World" episodes. Could not believe that Sarah's mother told her she needed to go back on "The South Beach Diet" what a freaking BITCH. My mouth dropped open. Sarah looks great! Love her body! No wonder she has eating issues! What a supportive mother! I could not believe her. My blood is boiling just thinking about it. - ended up going to sleep. My toe is getting better.

Alanis is releasing a new album - Jagged Little Pill-Acoustic Yay! Love Alanis - that album is important to me and sean too! Goes right next to Oriental Gardens...

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