Free Subway Sandwiches on April Fools Day

Dude - we got our mom's so good. My mom kept saying are you serious? Are you serious? Sean's mom was thrilled...she told her whole work place. And Sean and I were basking in our April Fool's glory and then he said:

What if the April Fool's joke is on us and you were really were pregnant?

We stopped laughing. We stopped laughing real fast.

Today was not a good day. $350 dollars for jeep issues. So we're in line at the drive through at Subway and I'm trying to decide between a Veggie Delight or Turkey (cuz i get so many dang veggies on my turkey I end up not tasting the turkey, so why add the calories?) So anyway the "Check Gages" light dings on and the Cherokee starts smoking...so we pull over and Sean gets out and investigates. (I go into Subway and get in line; there are like 15 people in front of me and 15 people behind me. Are they freaking GIVING sandwiches away here?) Long story short (too late i know) we get the jeep to the dealership and the Grand Total is $1000 Thank God my ex brother in law (sound close don't we?) gives us an employee discount, free labor, plus or warranty. Total savings: $650 Thank you God and thank you Chad.

I am down 15 pounds. I have been working my ass off for 5 weeks now. I have only cheated once and that was on Easter. (sue me) I am extremely proud of myself. I am craving Chinese Food (yes my #8 from OG) Would it be completely ironic to treat myself to that for losing 15 pounds? I had a veggie sandwich for lunch!! I'll let you know if the angel or devil won on this one.

So Im gonna have me a Smirnoff Ice. or two. or three. So if you see a post on here that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever - and its timed at around 2 am...just ignore it.

BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW OR WANT TO KNOW i don't care if its 30 below zero outside and I don't even have a blanket - I WILL NOT WEAR SOCKS TO BED.

love, dewana dell

4 people took the time to say:

Amber said...

Hey sweet cakes,
Sorry to hear about the jeep, glad to hear about the kind discount though! Whoo hoo! I'm a discount whore!
15 lbs! Sweet buddy! That is rockin chick.
I HAVE to wear socks to bed or my toes would freeze and fall off....that would suck.
Lub u,

marygrace said...

Man! Bummer about the jeep :( But glad to know you have your priorities straight by grabbing a Smirnoff :)

Laney said...

Sorry about the car problems. I've been there...it sucks.

Jill said...

I got to ur blog by blog-hopping...the latest "in" thing :) But yeah...15 lbs in 5 weeks?! DO spread your wisdom, cause I would totally love to know how :)