No Sweet Potato Pie

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It is so quiet at this very moment. Sean is asleep in the recliner. (he fell asleep while watching some old Gene Wilder movie called Blazing Saddles) Sandler is taking his 5th nap of the day on the couch, and Julian is at Caleb's. I am in the middle of doing laundry. Sunday is laundry day. When I went back to work this February its the only chore I had to keep.

My mom is coming up from Louisiana today to spend the next three nights at the Wren household. Sean leaves in the morning at 530 am to go to the first of his two training courses for the post office. (will miss him- he is my workout buddy, my chef, my nanny, my best friend, and my love) I will have to put my foot down with Nana (my mom) NO FRIED CHICKEN, NO GRAVY, NO SWEET TEA, NO SWEET POTATO PIE. She is a southern belle and an amazing cook but unfortunately fried porkchops and cornbread don't work well with the 45 minutes of hell I endure while working out.

You know what has consumed my life? Monster trucks. Since 2003 - my son Julian has been going full force with monster trucks. Monster truck pajamas, over 300 monster truck toys, monster truck DVDs, monster truck playstation games, monster truck shoes, monster truck shirts, monster truck pillow, monster truck drawings, monster truck bubble bath...need I go on?

Our house has become nothing more than storage room for all of his monster truck drawings.

There are monster trucks everywhere. In Bing's diaper bag, in the jeep, in his jacket pockets, under the bed, in the bathtub, outside on the carport, inside Bing's crib, lined up down the hall...I haven't scrapbooked about it because it would be a mini album...not a page. My son has been playing with Hot Wheels since he was 8 months old. (he was walking at 8 months too) I have his very first monster truck from when he was that age.

But I love that he is so passionate about something.

I fuel his desires. Im the one that buys him all that junk that I gripe about cleaning up. He has been to 4 monster truck shows. He watches the speed channel religously for a new Truck Show. He can name all the drivers of each truck. He has close to 150 little trucks and he can tell you who gave them to him and where they bought it. (Nana-Target in Baton Rouge for example) He always begs to go on Ushra.com and look at the photo gallery. He is constantly running his brother and me over with a big one that he pushes around the house. He calls himself the driver of "Silvertooth" (his made up name because he has little silver caps) He is nothing short of obsessed. (kinda like his momma with paper) Will definitely create a mini album.

Love that kid.

BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW OR DEWANNA KNOW- I love me some Harry Potter. I do. I don't care who knows. The books are brilliant. I am almost done with Book 3. I'm wanting Ron and Hermione to go ahead and shag and get it over with

The weekend is over - get back to work-
Dewana Dell

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Laney said...

Yum, fried chicken and sweet tea! That would be hard to resist!

Amber said...

I too have a monster truck maniac on my hands. That and anything w/ 4 wheels. It is insane! LOL! I keep feeding the addiction as well and have about 3 bins overfilled w/ the stuff! Oh well...he could say the same stuff about my scrappin addiction!?!?
Good luck resisting that sweet tea miss thang. I heart that stuff.
Lots o love buttercuppers...

marygrace said...

Monster trucks! Heck yeah! I loved those things when I was a kid. There's a photo of me sitting in one of the wheels somewhere. Must hunt it up....

*You're such a fab mom!*