Good News Monkeys

These are the good news monkeys -

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

They are here to tell all of you sweet princesses that prayed for me - and kept me in your thoughts that -

my momma is cancer free

She has to have one more CAT Scan done because they think its kidney stones. Kidney Stones!!! Hey we can work with that. Its no walk in the park but its fixable. Easy Peasy...I will keep you updated - but she got her 2nd CAT Scan results back this morning and stomach and pancreas are doing just fine.

Now on to pointless stuff...



Chipped fingernail polish

Mom's that try to pretend they are flawless

Bad customer service

Getting my burger WRONG at the drive through


potato salad

thousand island dressing

hair blowing in my lipstick

closed minded people

running late


having to fill up the gas tank

Coral on the Real World


last and least

Paris Hilton.

On a lighter note - I think I dislocated my knee Sunday night...That should set my working out back at least a week. That really sucks if you aren't picking up on the sarcasm.

Amazing Race and American Idol are on tonight that makes me happy.

Momma is in town - leaving fudge bar wrappers all over the house as usual.

Bing has an aggressive streak. All sweet and loving and cooing - and then he strikes.

Sean is in his last few classes for the post office. He says he's bored out of his mind.

Julian is still going to his buddy's house every single night. Even though they fight like cats and
dogs, I can't keep him away.

and me, well...I love the way Cameron Diaz dresses.

smoochy woochies-

5 people took the time to say:

Amber said...

WHOOOO HOOOO! This news made my day this morning. Your monkeys are "uber" handsome and your list is great...quite like mine. :D

Angi B said...


i love all the goofy photos that you've been posting here. they really make me smile!... and amen! to the recent diagnosis on your mama. sending continuous prayers your way...

this list! i found myself sayin',ya me too,ya me too. (just like the friend interview you sent)... have a lovely day!

marygrace said...

YAY! Good news for your family! :D :D So happy everything's working out for your mother.

As for the monkeys = too cute! They're making me smile right now :D

mindi11 said...

LOVE the monkeys!
Congrats on the great news!

Laney said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad to hear that about your mama, awesome news.

I hate Coral too!! Man, that girl is a BITCH!!!