I'm a crispy critter

Its not easy living on Dork Street

I'm not making this stuff up people...These useless links just seem to find their way to me. I definitely need a house on this street.

I went to the tanning bed this weekend - now I'm nice and crispy. All I have to say is that tanned fat looks better than white fat. Speaking of fat - guess who went down a jeans size? Yep yours truly - I was thrilled. Still not happy with what size I am...but happier its not the size above anymore.

Oh yeah - MG - you have to tell me why Harry Potter 3 was your favorite now that I'm done. I get to go rent Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban this week. I read the books and then I watch the movie. And let me just say that in the case of the Harry Potter books and movies - the movies are just as amazing. The books describe the details so wonderfully that the movie is everything I thought it would be.

My husband IM'd me at work and said that Julian was getting dressed for the day and that he was helping him put on his underwear (Sean was helping Jude - not Jude helping Sean) anyway and Jude said "Do it gently daddy don't slap em'" meaning the waist band of the underwear...and I told sean that that's funny cuz the other night after his bath when I was putting his underwear on he said "Mommy it doesn't make very happy when ya'll pop em"... (and yes he said ya'll im from freaking Arkansas - whadya expect?) So Im wondering how long he's been putting up with me snapping his underwear and why didn't he mention it before?

Had the best steak ever in all my life (besides Outback) on Saturday night. My husband is freaking King of the Grill...He enjoys it, so he puts alot of love and care into his cooking. We had some friends over for ribeyes and drinks on Saturday Night and he took care of EVERYTHING. I went and got the food, but when I came back the house was clean, the outside was nice and swept up, he prepared the steaks, the potatoes, got the salads ready...awesome host..I cant praise him enough.

I am so excited about this weekend. I get to meet a long time internet friend of mine...Laney-Loo. We started talking "typing" right after I found out I was pregnant with bing in October of 2003...And we are going to meet up in Little Rock on Saturday for a little bit of scrapping and a little bit of Outback. We are both so worried we won't click...or there will be awkward moments...but something has been keeping us together for the last year and a half...so I'm sure we will do just fine.

Well I will end with a "Betcha didn't know or wanna know"...

I write every single thing in lowercase...have since junior high...and english is my best subject...so I know whats proper and whats not.

I'm a crispy critter,

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Angi B said...

Your sean is amazing, dude. He’s definitely a keeper,huh? So are your little dudes. So cool that you are writing these little tidbits about them. You should print them before the blog crashes and your memories are lost!

So cool that you’re meeting up with Laney. And don’t worry about whether you’ll click IRL. You were meant to cross paths with her by divine appointment. (read my blog later today on “deep thoughts by Angi B” coming soon to a blog near you….)

Btw, I pass Pico Rivera,CA on my commute to work. now i'm on a quest to find this street. ya, i'm a dork.

Rambling Rose Cottage said...

I stumbled upon your site. Very cute!

justrose said...

i always burn cookies, too!

anonymous rowhouse

marygrace said...

Yay! You finished the 3rd book! Now the reason I love book 3 so much -and you'll understand after you've read books 4&5- is because this is the first book in the series that Harry has family to love. I know he loved his mother and father even though he didn't know them. But can you imagine? Finally having someone in your life that loves you and can share that? Such warm feelings after reading this that I still carry today. Even after all the magic and amazing friendships, nothing beats family love.

Amber said...

ahhh you made me laugh lots w/ the blog entry.
i missed my daily dose these past couple days!
You will have a blast meeting Laney. I think you 2 will be fine. If you have an awkward moment, I give you full rights to make fun of me...it will give u something!!

Laney said...

You lucky tan girl! Man, I'm white as a ghost. I can't wait to see you this weekend!

tia said...


my grandma always says "tan fat looks better than white fat!"


i just started tanning for that exact reason!!!! heh heh heh...Love it!