Can I get a Red Starburst please?!

I am going to see my little sister tonight. She is coming to my house with her two boys Dawson (4) and Gram (2). She is the biggest and sweetest little ditz in all the world. She is one of those people that you get around, and everyone's laughing at her and then she says all innocently "What? Are ya'll laughing at me? What did I say?" She definitely talks before she speaks. But she is the funnest little creature. Im glad to be her big sister. Here are a few reasons why:

1. As soon as she gets into a moving vehicle she is asleep.

2. She talks to her kids in this sweet little cheery voice even if they are about to get a spanking. "Now Dawson, momma's gonna have to pank-pank".

3. She is the only person who can call me slut or whore - and its funny.

4. She eats like a grown ass man and still weighs just 16 oz. (ok so i hate her for that but still)

5. She's gone through some HARD times in her life, but came out on top, and is an amazing little momma and is finally truly and undoubtedly in love.

6. She spelled google like this ------>goggle.

7. She calls me in the middle of American Idol and yells random things about the contestants and then hangs up. Example: ANTHONY NEEDS TO GO!!! CLICK or WHO DOES NADIA THINK SHE IS WITH A MOHAWK? CLICK

8. She thinks I hung the moon.

I love this girl...and am so very proud of her for so many things! Love you Jen!

I've learned that their aren't enough RED starburst in a bag.

I don't like it when I let someone turn in front of me and they don't give me that little wave back to say "thank you".
I'm kinda in a pissy mood - so those are some things that I get pissy about.

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Amber said...

you are so lucky to have a sis, esp. a sis that you like. LOL I do not have a sis, always wanted one. My mom has a sis, but they cannot stand each other. So, count yourself double blessed my dear. Hope u 2 have a wonderful time and I agree about the starburst thingy, except I want a whole bag of pink ones! Hee hee!

sara said...

Cool lo! ;)

Missy said...

aren't sisters the best? have fun :)

marygrace said...

Such a sweet post! I have similar memories like this of myself and my brother. Maybe not as sweet as yours, but all mine just the same. ;)

aNGI b said...

i have a BIG sister (she's just 1 year older) and we're just like you and your sis. she lives in LasVEgas but she's still my BESTEST friend even though we are totally opposite. i LUB her so much!


Laney said...

Your sis sounds like a really neat girl! I loved that layout!

Michelle said...
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Meghan said...

I love that random list of stuff your sister does, she sounds so fun. AND I loved that layout! I myself am a orange starburst girl..I get more pissed about the skittles bag not having enough green ones!