From the depths of my soul...

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Someone tell me how I ever doubted that I would love him as much as Jude.

This little guy has made our family complete.

He fit right in from the start.

He smiles constantly, he laughs constantly, he thinks all three of us are funny.

He loves Spongebob, and Oriental Gardens.

He talks alot and he isn't shy.

I love this kid.

I love you Sandler Christian Nicholson "BING" Wren.

From the depths of my heart and soul, I love you.

8 people took the time to say:

Angi B said...

that FACE!!!!! what a CUTIE PIE!!!!! (tell me you will scrap this!)

Meghan said...

Oh I love this. What a beautiful baby. He is such a doll!

marygrace said...

So, so cute! He's already a master photo-poser. :D

Amber said...

HE IS THE CUTEST FREAKIN THING. my goodness ash. he just makes me wanna say...AWE!!!! i wanna pinch those cheekers!!

Laney said...

I want one!!! Bingers is the cutest lil' baby ever! I love that pic...it's screaming to be scrapped! Beautiful words too, I love your thoughts on being a momma!

KerryLynne said...

ummm...yep...what Laney said...:D

LimaBing is, by far, THE cutest baby i have EVER seen...(and i have 3 of my own:)

Klala said...

How cute! I just want to squeeze his little pumpkin head!

Amber said...

girl, i keep checkin your blog cause i cannot wait to get some Ash laughs and everytime i see this little butterball's face I just smile. HUGE. had to let you know that your son has brought me many smiles the past couple days and i cannot imagine how fun he is in real life...OK. i'm done now. He is gorgeous.