Woe is Me

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Happy Freaking Friday.

I am at home.

Sean had to work.

Bing is eating cheeto puffs on the floor.

Jude is putting in a DVD {If I'm a betting woman its Spongebob...Let me ask him...oops I was wrong its Cat in the Hat}

Im missing my husband, and im extremely bored.

I've been eating naughty.

Feeling discouraged.

TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED...must tell myself that {thanks MG}

Just want to feel beautiful in my skin...is that too much to ask?

Why can't I love myself the way Sean loves me? the way Jude loves me? the way Bing loves me?

woe is me.

11 people took the time to say:

Amber said...

what i wanna know is why can't you love you the way I freakin love you!!?!?!?
come on hot schtuff. u always build me up.... hope your happy self returns pronto. if not, i will drive to your house and beat u. literally. be prepared. i'm not scared. :o)

KerryLynne said...

what about the way i love you...?
sheesh, you're a popular chick!
btw.......(i love you even more than amber does...:)

Missy said...

Me too! I just metcha and I love ya! Cheer up chica :) you got a lot of buddies...who aren't afraid to whup your booty.

Laney said...

Well, I love you more than Amber and Kerry! LOL! You are beautiful Ash, don't forget it either! Love ya!

Meghan said...

I think you are a rockin' hot mama and I hate that you don't see it. You gotta see it, baby! Look at how your babies look at you and know how beautiful you are!

Ashley said...

you are beautiful! :) you are a wonderful mama, look at you with your handsome boys :)

love ya, girl -- you should too!


marygrace said...


tia said...

hugs and love, from someone who is *there* frequently!!!

Ashley said...

What would I do without you chicks?
You all are very special to me...Love you all bunches.

and appreciate you all bunches.


Angi B said...

can i get in on this group hug???!!!

Klala said...

I barely know you, and I love you!!! You rock! This too shall pass.