Happy Friday the Freaking 13th

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Does it not look like he's saying "Here's looking at you kid". I mean who does he think he is?

So this is Constantine. Also known as "Connie" to my sweet friend KeRRy*LyNNe

She sent this to me in an email titled HAPPY FRIDAY. It was a joke because I told her I couldn't stand the way he did this little nose scrunch, head nod, through the head back, and smile really cheesy thing. It bothered me. He thought he was the cutest thing. Farewell Connie.

So this is Connie folks. He loves himself. And he is telling you happy Friday.


I need to scrap.

Must scrap.

Got so many goodies while on my anniversary trip.

Want to play with them.

Will create tonight.


it will have to be after my hot date with this incredibly beautiful 3 1/2 foot tall, 40 pound, mocha skinned, big browned eyed boy...We have a movie date which will be followed by some air hockey and ice cream. Gonna take him to see Kicking and Screaming the new Will Ferrell movie. We need some Mommy & Jude time.

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Because when I get to the house...its Dallas Mavericks Game 3 time, and then onto inking something furiously.

Bing and Daddy will stay home and have a couple of Coronas.

6 people took the time to say:

Amber said...

yeah, i always thought this guy looked like a dweeb too. didn't get it.
date night huh? sounds like some gootimes. this movie looks supa funny. I think i might take the weeman to the zoo tomorrow. we shall see.
hope bing and dad enjoy the coronas. Does bing like lime in his? :oP

Ashley said...

Bing and Daddy both enjoy the lime.

angi b said...

ok i confess i dug connie because he was so cheesy! i mean, c'mon it was pure entertainment to watch him flip his hair around and make goo goo eyes at the camera..... ok there i said it. please don't ban me from your blog. ha ha

KerryLynne said...

awww...! there's by boy...! look at how wicked HOT he is...YUMMERS...:) (makes me wanna jump his bones-es...) HA...!

Meghan said...

What an awesome idea. Date night. I must write that down in my "when I have a baby things I gotta do" journal...

marygrace said...


Your family is so cool. Dates and everything. Real quality time. So glad you can find the time to spend with your kids. Some of my acquaintances who are parents don't even think to do this stuff.

Great job, Super Mom!