Nothing Less Than Perfect

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This is the Wren Clan right after we picked the boys up from being gone on our anniversary trip.

Well I am back. Back from paradise. Back from having a maid make up the bed for me and bubble baths in the jacuzzi every night. Back from eating whatever I freaking want. Back from ignoring the gym. Back from getting all dressed up from with someplace to actually go. Back from using my debit card so freely and passionately. Back from being able to snuggle with my husband without two little kiddos all up in the mix. Back from the thrill of the casino and all of its bright lights. Back from having absolutely no concept of what time it is. Back from watching the Mavericks games uninterrupted. Back from the best, most relaxing, most perfect, rejuvenating trip I have ever had.

But...with that being said...

Im Home...Home to my sweet little thoughtful Julian. Home to my crooked smiled, white headed Bing. Home to my house...my bed...my things. Home to my computer and access to my sweet little internet friends that are so very special to me even though I have never even met them. Home to my little scrapbook table. Home to healthy food. Home to the scale that is slowly becoming my friend. Home to the workout DVD's that are making the scale become my friend. Home to my routine. Home to my coffee cup. Home to my mailbox that brings me mail. Home to my boys. Home to my three sweet amazing boys.

More about my trip when I get my pictures developed today.

Missed you all sooo much. I hope ya'll remembered where I was at and didnt think I fell off the face of the earth.


This week in celebrity news...

oh yeah...and I must give a shout out to Uchenna and Joyce the winners of the Amazing Race...I was freaking crying like a baby. Especially when he said "Invitro here we come!! And if that doesn't work, Adoption here we come"!!!!

and what the hell is this all about??!?

Is anyone else happy about this news like me? I just love these two together. I think she is as sweet as apple pie. Love her... I think they will make it for at least five or six years...(im wrong i know it)

Dude...Ashlee Simpson looks so much better its unreal. I know it doesn't help her out with the vocals...but the plaid ties and crappy blazers needed to go. I give her two thumbs up.

Now...anyone that knows me...knows how much I worship Gwen Stefani. But I cannot and will not take up for her here ------------------------> No Ma'am Some things just don't work no matter who you are and this is definitely one of those things. Not even for my Gwenny.

Ok I'm done...

Will tell you about my trip real soon! It was nothing less than perfect!!

5 people took the time to say:

Laney said...

Yay!!!!! I'm so glad you had a good time with your hubby, well deserved! I was reading your blog last night and remembered you were on your trip this weekend. Can't wait to see pics! Love that pic of you and your family!!

Missy said...

Hip Hip Hooray!! I'm so glad you're home and you had fun :) I can't wait to see the pictures!

And you know how I feel about our Gwenny... why must she do this? There's taking risks, and then there's getting dressed in the dark.

sean said...

baby your blog is wonderful today. I too had an unbelievable time on our trip, and I am also glad to be home with our childwren. I missed them greatly. I love you

Amber said...

u guys are the cutest ever...my goodness! Look at that little bing!! I wish I had a photo booth here like this. Ours are so freakin crammed. I hate that. Oh well. You have a cool photo booth and I do not, should I be jealous...NO....am I...YES.
So freaking glad u and Sean had an amazing time. You both deserved it. Missed ya like hell girl. So glad to have you and your awesome self back. Can't wait for an email of buttercup lub.

Meghan said...

I love those photo booth pictures..You are so cute with your boys!

Uh and then Sean just blogged on your blog? You guys are all cuddly and fuzzy..awwww.