Soggy Nachos - Perfect Trip Volume I

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Yep thats me being a weirdo...like i look like Drew Barrymore or something...

It was really nice to eat whatever the hell we wanted to and not feel guilty about it. I mean its our vacation. You don't count calories on your vacation.

And boy did we eat...

Banana Pancakes (yep I had em - just like i said i would!!)
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Chocolate Chip Pancakes

McAlister's Deli - This is a favorite place of Sean & Me. Love the atmosphere...and ESPECIALLY HEART THE SWEET TEA

El Chico's

The Casino's Buffet - They had every single thing you could think of...Crawfish...(reference the picture) Chinese...Soul Food...Steak...Seafood...Anything your gluttonous heart desired..

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IHOP - it was a really late night - we sipped coffee and Sean made fun of the way I held my coffee cup. He says NOONE holds there coffee cup like that. I said "what - Im in a NYC coffee shop like in Friends" and sean said "No you're not...you are in an IHOP in Louisiana"...died laughing. But continued to hold my cup with one hand wrapped entirely around one side, and the other hand holding the bottom...

The only crappy meal we had was when we came up with what we thought was this awesome plan. Well it pretty much was...minus the crappy meal.

We decided to have a get in your jammies, take a big ole bubble bath in the jacuzzi, watch the mavs play while in the jacuzzi, order some take out, not go anywhere else because we had a really long day night.

We knew that we would be drinking so we knew we wouldn't be driving. So we went downstairs to one of the restaraunts and went ahead and ordered our food to bring back upstairs with us because we wanted to eat it when we were nice and toasty...So we ordered big ole fat greasy hamburgers and nachos for our appetizer.

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So we came upstairs turned on the Mavs game and watched basketball and ate soggy nachos in the jacuzzi. Now this might not sound like a good time in your book, but it was pure heaven to me. This jacuzzi was like the size of a king size bed, there were bubbles everywhere, im watching my favorite team play in the playoffs, not only do I have nachos but they are soggy, and Im with my very best friend in the whole freaking world. I was having an amazing time and I enjoyed every second of it. (Until I had to get out because the combination of the jacuzzi and the jalepenos from the nachos were lighting me on fire)

So into the jammies we go...I'm sipping on wine...Sean is drinking Budweiser Select...we get a little toasty...I get a little sappy (alcohol does that to me plus I was on my anniversary...so the waterworks were on)

So fast forward a couple of hours (I DON'T HAVE TO TELL EVERYTHING!!)

So now we are good and buzzed its HAMBURGER TIME. Long story short...don't do that. Don't order your hamburger to eat later. It wasn't a good experience. But that was the only meal that wasn't enjoyed or appreciated so no big deal.

To be continued...(I'm not recapping the events in chronological order.) I'm skipping all around.

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Missy said...

I am so jealous! Sounds like fun- no plans, just the two of you. Glad you enjoyed it so much.

Laney said...

Looks and sounds awesome! Man, those pancakes look sooooo good! Glad you had a good time together!

Is Sean's sun tattoo the same one on the Sumblime album?? If so, that's too cool!

Ashley said...

Your trip sounds like it was absolute heaven. :) Right now I can' fathom being away from the girls (the little one, at least) for more than a few hours. Looking forward to the day I can escape with Paul for a fun weekend :)

Love the photos!! :)


KerryLynne said...

noFREAKINway...! sounds wicked-cool...;) and that pic...whooo dawgies...looks like fun...<3

Meghan said...
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Meghan said...

I deleted my last post because I didn't say all that I wanted to say in it! I love the pic of you and S in the tub together and I love the eating thing and most of all I love it that you got all emotional and then got down on your anniversary. I usually do the same thing. Two glasses of wine and then we talk about our six years together and then WHOA MAMA watch out for those tears!


Amber said...

u 2 are adorable and I pray one day that I Amber Nichole will find the love that you and sean share. it is rare and wonderful and makes me have hope in the entire marriage thing.
OK, enough of that sappy shit.
How fun is the pancakes and soggy nachos...I'm feeling ya girl. Love food, love hot tubs, love your bandana....