Useless Article #7

Ok this is the deal...these articles aren't ENTIRELY useless, because who in the hell would know what a GRACKLE was if I didn't post this.

And I don't even want to hear anyone TRY to say they knew what a grackle was...

This is my favorite line of the whole article...

"I hit him with a bottle," said Sylvia Velasquez. "The other birds came,
and one attacked my blouse and on my back."

Psycho Grackles

Thanks to Amber once again for putting her Detective hat on and finding this crap!

2 people took the time to say:

Amber said...

damn right...hit him w/ a bottle!

KerryLynne said...

so LoL...! i'm seriously chokin' on my own spit...sounds kinda scarey, but come on people...they're BIRDS...!