Let's be an Inspiration

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Oh dear lord...how this picture takes my breath away...it looks like you have a big ole cheesy fake ass smile going on...but thats simply not the case. Its a genuine laugh. Its genuine happiness. A genuine smile.. and i caught it.

With the recent news of our dear friends and their divorce its made me think alot. I am not worried about the big D word when i think of us. It doesn't even cross my mind that we would ever give up on what we have. But it makes me reflect...it makes me grateful for what we do have. We agree on the big things. So you drive me crazy with your toothpicks, and leaving the shower curtain open...and i drive you bonkers by the way i smack on apples and how i never open up the box or packaging as it is meant to be opened. But we love each other. And we have been connected since October of 1994. We were supposed to be together. You were born in Ashley County in Ashley Memorial Hospital...it was destiny. But life gets hard. People change. I know that we will always be a "we". A couple. A twosome. A team. In this crazy mixed up world its easy to lose your focus and sight of things that are important. So just promise me a few things ok?

Promise me that we will always make each other laugh. (from tough things all the way to infomercials)

Promise me that you will always love me unconditionally. {This means fat or skinny. This means perky boobs or not}

Promise me that you will always talk to me if you feel there is a barrier or an obstacle in our relationship. Whether great or small. Communication is the key.

Promise me that you will always keep us (me jude & bing) as your #1 priorities

Promise me that we will still make fun of everything and everyone when we are old and gray.

Promise me that we will always snuggle when we are in bed.

Promise me you will always hold my hand in the car.

Promise me that you will always split the last piece of gum with me.

Let's beat the odds babe. Let's be an inspiration. Let's prove that true love does exists.

i love you. thanks for letting me be your wife. and the momma to your sons.

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Amber said...

i'm shivering w/ good vibes. this my friend is beautiful. you can describe your love for sean in such an amazing way. maybe it is only because I know you so well, but just through words...i can feel it. i hope one day to witness your love first hand...NOT THAT!!! Just seeing your 2 together I mean...sheesh sean you freakin pervert. :o) You 2 are an inspiration to me, Ash, you have known this since day one. You 2 make me wanna get married. I heart you girly. I'm so thrilled that I met you.

Ashley said...

oh, this is so beautiful. and truly inspiring. the love you two share is so evident, and I love that about you! :)


island girl said...

I am in tears! The description of your love and the promises that you want to make to each other are beyond heartfelt. Seriously, your post made my heart ache with joy.

Sean Christopher Wren said...

I love you more than life itself. simply...I promise.

KerryLynne said...

aww...! how STINKIN' cute is he...?! i just love you...and i love him...and i love you and him...and i love how much you love each other...oh...and i love that you are my best friend...:)

Missy said...

oh my! he POSTED? that's so cute! I don't think jon would have a clue how to do that.

This one's a keeper ash, I can feel it. hold on to him TIGHT!

Meghan said...

We are so much on the same vibe today..I just posted a big gratitude to T post that I was inspired to write b/c of the chat you and I had the other day. This is so beautiful, Ash. Gave me the chills and an urge to cry. Love this post.I love you and Sean and you guys making it work, not being another statistic.

missy s said...

wow this is so cool! love that he posted on this! i remember way back when i first saw you on 2peas and emailed you about how much i love how you talk about your husband...i love it!

Klala said...

Wow, that was beautiful, man. You two are an awesome couple and you will not become a statistic. You will be old and gray and funny as all hell TOGETHER.

I love you guys.