Snuggle Wuggies and Sloppy Joes

Why does it feel like if you've been gone for just one freaking day you are completely out of the loop on the entire cyber community? There are blogs to check, emails to reply to, layouts to praise, celebrity gossip to read...i feel like ive been gone for a month.

Here are some random things that I want to write about.

1. Bing's Luau Party - My precious bing turned one on Saturday. His party was a blast. Bright colored flower leis, beach towels laid out on the grass, tiki torches, bright colored candle holders with candles, grilled food, fruit salad, kids blowing bubbles, bing roaming the grass. It was perfect. I was tired, and couldn't focus on the pictures that I wanted to take, but it was a great day. I have a FILM canon rebel...so the pictures won't be picked up until tomorrow. I will give more details when I post the pictures this week. I will say this. BING. CAKE. SPONGEBOB. TERRIFIED.

2. How does it happen that two of my favorite musicians/group are on tour together??? Gwenny Gwen Gwen will be touring with the Black Eyed Peas. I freaking love both of them with all of my fibers. They will be in Houston which is only 8 hours away...I don't know...I'll think about it. That concert would be brilliant. I am chewing my nails just trying to decide.

3. Sean just "peeled" an entire bag of starburst and put them in a container so that they will be easily accessible.

4. I have lost a whopping 31 pounds. I thought it was only 25...but its 31...Only 30 more to go.

5. Julian has a crush on Hilary Duff, loves renting a different PS2 game every night, and is growing up way to fast.

6. I am sick of Jessica Simpson, TomKat, and Paris Hilton.

7. I cleaned up my bookmarks to delete certain blogs that I checked daily, but they were blogs that I got a headache from, because I rolled my eyes at everything that was written. Decided that was unhealthy, and cleansed my bookmarks.

8. I went to a crop last night from 5 to 1230...was a good time. Sloppy Joes and Starburst...

9. My friends that were going to get divorced...are working it out. I am thrilled, but still worried that its the beginning of the end...but I vow to remain optimistic.

10. Sean got a test date for a full time position at the post office. It only comes every 3-4 years. This is a GOOD thing. Right now he is just part time.

11. Took a day off of work today for a family day with my boys. Highlights included Oriental Gardens #8, a trip to the park, a big ole long nap.


12. What's my thing with Jimmy's? I have a crush on Jimmy Kimmel now too.

13. David Letterman always wears the best ties.

14. My boys are the best snugglers. Jude always says "come to bed mom...i want to snuggle wuggie..." soo cute. i just can't put them in their beds...i would miss them way too much.

15. Jay Leno is one of the UNFUNNIEST men on the planet earth.

16. Leaving Las Vegas, Secretary, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are three of the most brilliant movies I have ever had the privilege of watching. They all seem to fall in the same category. F*CKED up love stories. They were perfect for each other despite all their differences and shortcomings and weird fetishes. Love those three tales.

17. Have I raved about the Black Eyed Peas new album "Monkey Business" yet? Even if i have, i will rave again..this CD is so amazing. I love it. Its sheer genius. The diversity. The beats. Its funny. Fergie can't sing she can SANG. One of my top 5 for sho'. And i thought Elephunk was rockin...

18. I need to go to bed.

19. but it will have to be AFTER i catch up on the cyber world happenings.

the 30 pound lighter ash that is...

17 people took the time to say:

Klala said...

"Fruit Salad...yummy yummy."

Klala said...

Every pound you loose, I gain. Stop sending me weight-vibes!! Lol

Peeling starburst-brilliant! I would really benefit from this little trick.

Screw the boring bloggers...you've got us!!!!

I am STOKED about the Godsmack/cardigan reunion!!! There is a God. I'm sure your helpfullness lended itself to the positive outcome.

Full time Magazine reading / post card snooping sounds PERFECT to me, lmao!

Dave is the shit! reppin the Dirty NYC, word!

I don't love BEP, but I will check out Secretary, I trust ya on this one...

mindi11 said...

that sounds like such a fun birthday party! although, how did you stand being outside in this stupid humid arkansas heat??

island girl said...

Girl..you've been busy!!

The party sounds like it was awesome, but how could a luau NOT be awesome....I mean hello...it's a luau!

I heard about Gwen and BEP and I WANT to go too!! BEB was just in concert here in Orlando and I wanted to go so bad! But they sold out before I could even think of picking up the phone! BEP rocks!

Congrats on being 30lbs lighter...gives me great inspiration to keep going to the gym!! Keep it up girl...now you're going to be an even hotter mamma than you already are!!

And awww...snuggles with the boys...I could never pass that up either!!

Klala said...

Lmao...we all say it at work. I think my manager started it, who thinks her daughter says it. But we're not sure. Where is that from, anyways??

"Fruit salad...yummy yummy."

Amber said...

it is from the wiggles....

how i have missed you my buttercuppers.

so freakin glad to hear the luau was a success. (yeah...i still cannot wait to see photos...)

you need to go to the gwen/bep show...you would most likely pee your pants in excitement.

the starburst idea is wonderful.

31 lbs? holy cow patties! girl you are rockin that trimspa. even though i have always loved your body....you are gonna love it so much more and that makes me uber happy for you....keep it up....

so glad to hear about your friends...i hope love prevails in this situation.

so effing glad to have you back in our world...missed u so.

Jen said...

Stunbled on your blog through Kristis', just wanna say Congratulations on your weight loss!! I'm trying to lose some excess poundage too, and I know how very hard it can be. Keep it up!!!!!

marygrace said...

Great post! Happy birthday to Mr. Bing-a-bling!

And congrats to Sean! My mother works for USPS and she knows how hard it is to get a job there. Once you're in, you're treated well.

And congrats to you! You are now my role model for losing the poundage.

Hugs and loves to ya!

Meghan said...

I am sure the bday was a amazing success b/c you crafty mama were in charge of it!

31 pounds..WOW. That rocks. I can't even imagine how rockin' that would feel! Hooray!

I am so happy you didn't say you love Leno and hate Dave b/c I love Dave so much...He reminds me of my papa, totally dry humor. He is so damn funny.

Gwen and Black Eyed Peas..I must check to see if they are coming here.

The Secretary is fantastic..One of our faves, too. Don't you just love Maggie G?

And I love the snuggle stuff. That is so sweet.

And did I say that you are so great I love you today? Ok great.

Meghan said...

oh and btw I thought I was going to break a gasket b/c you were offline yesterday!

Klala said...

godsmack/cardigan reunion. I am kind of funny.

Missy said...

31 effin' lbs!
that kicks ass :)

I am so proud of you.

you KNOW how I feel about our Gwenny. If only she was coming to Columbus. ugh.

I want to suggle wuggie! your little dudes just sound sooooo precious.

Chris-el-da said...

fruit salad... ugh! i hate hate hate the wiggles.

congrats on your weight loss... i wish i could lose 30lbs. that's actually my goal!

the starburst thing is a good idea! I used to suck the chocolate off of M&M's to access the peanuts more quickly later on...

letterman rocks!

we were just talking about Gwen at the gym the other day - said she makes us sick because it doesn't matter what she does - she's flippin' hot, stylish, and trendsetting. She can pull ANYTHING OFF! i'd like to be a Gwen Clone!

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