My weekend.

garage and yard sale shopping

2 dollar recliner from the seventies must febreeze.

50cent Mary Kate Olsen sunglasses

Finding Kristina's rocking birthday present for an effing dollar (SO ORIGINAL)

pegboard with hooks - will be painted and hung above scrap table

spudnuts - naughty.

nephew's birthday party. swimming with said 50cent glasses on (I DID IT GABBY!!!)

the rest of the night is a




1 bottle + 1 glass

running naked in yard (sean shouldn't have dared me- poor neighbors)

calling long island at midnight (scared of the phonebill)


its sunday.

forget about working on new 2 dollar recliner

forget about mowing the yard

forget about washing the jeep

forget about painting new pegboard

lets go 2 hours away to go....

to Target

to Michaels

and to Outback Steakhouse

to Old Navy

to Books-A-Million

forgot about sheets in the washer. had to sleep without them.

night night tomorrows Monday

meet my new crush. i don't dig skinny dudes. but there is something about Mr. Adrien BAH-RODY. (if you watch SNL you know what I'm talking about)
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sorry...my blog makes no sense today...its a RECAP...and im going on what i effing remember..it was a blur.

22 people took the time to say:

gab said...

awww crap... i'm cracking up over here... my poor cubemates... love it. yodeling. 50 cent sunglasses. mary kate ones nonetheless... you make me giggle, woman... :)

genevieve said...

L-ing OL ovah hea!!! I also yard-saled it up this weekend, but was nowhere NEAR as successful as you. Enjoy your finds and memories of running naked. Try to forget about the headache. Block that shit so you can do it all over again next weekend.

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Sounds like wicked fun. Happy recovering!

Colleen said...

LMFAO! i want to hang out with you guys when we come to arkansas. my DH's fam lives in hot springs.

ok, so what the eff is a spudnut and why is it naughty. enquiring minds want to know.

Jen said...

Have you seen The Others?? I love AB in that....totally creeps me out. But he does it soooo good, he's delicious.

Kelly said...

Sounds like a really fun blur though! LOL

LibraryGirl said...

I am particularly fond of Brody's Diet Coke commercial. It is possibly the only work of his I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jen said...

Whoopsies. I said The Others. Not what I meant. The Village....that's the one.

Missy said...

I like your blur.
I wish I could have been there to be part of it :)

Missy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ashley said...

Well, that sounds like one fantastically blurry weekend. :)

Love PIE!

Kathy said...

The weekend sounds to busy to remember anyways - luvin the .50 cent sunglasses lol, goos score!

Klala said...

Yay for MKA Glasses! And wine! And my present, And going shopping and pegboards...

I can't believe you ran around naked in your yard, you crazy bitch! I heart you.

Caroline said...

whyy are you getting spam comments? lol...sounds like you had a fun weekend. my mother goes yard-saling a lot and sometimes finds cool stuff. maybe i should tag along.

Amber said...

i totally want to have you run naked in my yard....this is getting added to the wedding list...ashley runnin naked (and drunk) in my yard.
NO, I won't forget...
xoxoxo this list made me love you even more..if that is possible.

Meghan said...


I think your two dollar recliner sounds kick ass as well as the peg board...I really think we will get along well when you are my neighbor..Drunken naked running in the backyard is always my number one fun time! LMFAO!!

island girl said...

LOL!!! Sounds like good times Ash!! I think I would run around naked if we had a fence...but if I were drunk enough, a fence may not matter!!

I miss garage sale shopping...love that, and rummage sales. Those are the best!! You will have to show us pics of all your cool finds. Do before and after pics!!

Jen said...

Hi there!

You look like a fun person.

Hope all is well.


Anonymous said...

"Is there anything worn under the kilt? No, it’s all in perfect working order."
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juliekins said...

heh, what a weekend girl!