Clear Skin = A Happy more Confident Ashley

About two weeks ago, I was looking through pictures, and every picture I came across was absolutely repulsive. I was beyond broke out in EVERY single one of them. It made me so freaking sad. I just HAD to do something about it. So I bought Proactiv. I had been saying I was going to get it but kept procrastinating...but after looking at those pictures i HAD to do something.

I can gladly say that my skin is sooooooooooooooo freaking clear now. I got results in four days...I have only been using it for two weeks now, and I feel completely different about myself.

Im not getting paid to endorse these folks...but it works. If you have amazing skin and you don't need this...kiss my a*s...(SO KIDDING) but if you are looking for something. PLEASE JUST TRUST ME.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

11 people took the time to say:

Missy said...

You are beautiful ash!
your eyes are gorgeous!
and your skin looks fab, baby :)

Amber said...

dude...look at you looking all hot and stuff. just like jessie simpson and that lady from freakin Who's the Boss..... :o)
You have always been gorgeous to me little lady, but the fact that you are finally starting to see it makes you even more gorgeous....
thank you proactive!!!!

V said...

Your eyes just stand right out! BEAUTIFUL!! And I think you were beautiful before and even moreso now!!!

Raina_Marie said...

Lady, you do have killer eyes!! I kept reading comments from your effers about them baby blues of yours, but now I see them!!

Proactiv huh? Second person in two weeks to tell me it works magic but of course, I got married 3 weeks ago.... :(

Klala said...

You been hanging out w/ Jessica Simpson and Alicia Keyes???

No but seriously, your skin does look flawless. Not that I ever thought otherwise cause I can't see your skin through im, lol.

You are beautious inside and out, and that's all that matters. I love you.

genevieve said...

You go girl. Whatever works...makes you happier and more confident...I'm all for it. Your gorgeous personality shines through without pictures, but the pictures are simply diva-esque and your eyes are amazing - the rumours are true :)

Jen said...

Okay seriously? I think you should send this post to Proactivand make them pay you, you gorgeous girl. It totally sounds like an infomercial. Glad it worked for you, glad you're happy!!

Meghan said...

Are you serious? I always thought that Proactiv was a gimmick..I gotta get some now since my little southern belle has the most gorgeous skin now!!!

You are so pretty, you know that by now don't you?

Ok and you and Jude together is like unreal beauty.

Kelley said...

Hmmm...interesting to know that stuff really works. I've thought about ordering some. Is it something you have to keep using, to keep it clear?

Nicole said...

Told DH tonight I need to get some.. I'm not as broke out as before but I have all these little scars which still look like zits... does it clear that up?? Let me know! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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