Today I am...

Wearing my sparkly pink beaded kimono shoes...
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Listening to old CD's (Puddle of Mudd, the Clueless Soundtrack, Chili Peppers) I think the lead singer of Puddle of Mudd is Kurt Cobain reincarnated.

Trying to decide what to do with my hair...Highlights? Chunks? Really blonde? Blonde with some red? Layers so I can flip out like Farrah Fawcett's? I refuse to cut it. I want hair like K La La's...long hair. Sean would go NUTS (in a good way) if I had that hair...that is my goal. But can I afford the shampoo and conditioner to maintain that?

Being grateful even for the little things. (I've been listening to Anthony Robbins)

Daydreaming about Phoenix...what my new place will look like, the things the boys will experience, hanging out with Meg & T, a new job, accomplishing my goals.

Excited because my little Judie-Scoot will start soccer in a few weeks. Yay! His first ever sport...how the hell am i gonna deal with the heat? I am NOT an outdoorsy person. But for him...anything.

Drinking a diet coke.

IMing KeRRy*LyNNe and discussing baby names.

Thinking about how cute Bing will be when his hair looks like this.
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Trying to call my husband and tell him to wake up..its 1030...im scared to death to listen to the answering machine messages.

Talking to my boss...about EVERYTHING. She's wise. and she's only 30!!!

Thinking of what to do for Kristina's ROCKING Effer Dare #2...Yep I know what it is...JEALOUS MUCH?

Typing in my blog when I'm supposed to be working.

20 people took the time to say:

Jen said...

That is so NOT fair to talk about juicy effer dares and not share. Booooo. lol.

I love those pink shoes, I keep wanting to pick up a pair, but can't figure out what I'd wear em with.

Sounds like you're having a really good day today....enjoy it girl!

Missy said...

tee hee pink shoes.. love em.
I'm jealous of all you're doing :)

I MISS YOU!! we must chat :)

KerryLynne said...

Ooooh...those are the cutest shoes ever...but only cuz they are PINK...:)

and go with some red AND blonde chunkers...!

i LOVE puddle of mudd...! don't the have one called F*** something girlfriend....? yeah...they ROCK...:)

and jude is gonna look STELLER in those big 'ole tall soccer socks...!

Klala said...

Dude, the shoes ere hotness! Mine aren't as cool as yours, but they were only 5 bucks so what do I expect??

Clueless sntk??? Haven't listened to that one since 9th grade!!!

Chunky hilights all the way! I'm getting my hair done as a bday present to myself...and I'm all about skunky-ass hilights!! can't be going back to school w/ boring hair.

Jealous about Pheonix...and continuing to drop seeds in J's head about moving.

Soccer=great pics for scrapping.

Is it a boy or a girl?

That is one cute baby!!

I am so stealing this idea from you.

tara said...

always enjoy your comments! did you get my emails? i gave you a photo lesson!

KerryLynne said...

ha...i remember the song now...!

i REALLY hate you...!

but he didn't say "really"...:)

Caroline said...

oooooooh. hawt shoes ;)
i need to CUT my hair. my long-ass hair is getting heavy as hell.
psh i wanna know the dare!lol

Amber said...

your shoes are freakin cute. i want some....old navy???
my hair is getting long and i have decided to continue to let it grow until RG and I get married...
the little things are the best girl..
Phoenix...oh how i wish i could be your neighbor and Meg's too...
Soccor?!!? yipppeee!! you get to be a soccor mom!! LOL
baby names...still no name for a boy...
i love cool bosses. i have 4 now, they are old and play golf. ha!
the effer #2 dare will kick ass of course.....xoxoxo

Nisa said...

cute shoes! I want some!

I love thinking of baby names...such a fun game.

how cute is Cindy's lil boy's hair? it's like a mop! just wanna tousel it!

and I am now more anxious to know the effer dare #2 than I was two minutes ago, thank you!

Levi said...

"scared to death to listen to the answering machine messages"

ME TOO! But now it's UnKnOwN CaLlErS to my cell phone, freaks me out! If I don't know you or if you can't show your number, I AIN'T GETTING IT!

Jessica F said...

Super cool shoes. Hot pink with sequins- can you have a bad day in those? ;)

Can't wait to see what you do with your hair. I say go drastic and funky. You have the spunky personality to pull anything off!

Ashley said...

Hi there pretty feet,
lovely shoes! I am envious, not only of your pink sparklies, but also of your lovely feet.

Love hearing your happy words. I have no clue about hair, I fail miserably in that department, too. I know you will be effin hot no matter what you do :)

Can't wait to add another cool E-dare to my To Do list. :)

Not ignoring you now,

tRicia said...

love the shoes. now i'm going to have to dig into the depths of the "music drawer" and fine some old school cd's.

Alette said...

Love your pinky shoes, love to have those :)
I'm trying to do the next effer dare, loved the first one but just couldn't find the time to join in. Maybe later on :) cause it is just great.
Have a nice day "soccermom"

The Netherlands

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Those pink shoes rock! I love getting my hair done, do something funky :) Baby names, yay! That's exciting :)

genevieve said...

I love your pink shoes.

Meghan said...

I love those pink shoes propped up on YOUR OWN DESK in YOUR OWN OFFICE! I love your list here and I love the pic of Cindy Crawford's long haired kid...Love you my friend.

Meghan said...

oh and as far as the ARIZONA thing you already know how I feel about it. I can't talk about it for fear of my excitement bubbling over like mad!

tia said...

oh, i SO freaking WANT those shoes!!!!! ACK!!!!! hee hee hee

Chris-el-da said...

adorable little shoes. i can't get into them but have wanted to buy some forever. i'm so fashion-challenged.

definitely do something fun and bright with your hair!!