Useless completely useless

Bing said truck today.

Jude refuses to get out of his jammies.

Sean packed my lunch for me today:
turkey sandwich - mustard and salt and pepper only
baked cool ranch doritos
apple slices w/fat free caramel
and a napkin that said I love you.

Tomorrow is my beautiful friend Meg's birthday.

I want to make my own jewelrey. <---------- that is a word i can NEVER spell right. Sean is grilling chicken tonight. MY FAVE. with a sweet potato and some fresh corn on the cob. Thinking about becoming a vegan. i said THINKING. Getting THIS for Jude for his 5th birthday. Nothing was ever created more perfect for my child than this. He has been nothing but a monster truck MANIAC since the 2003.

What do I not want to forget...Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Got new green sheets at Target.

I'm going home.

Oh yeah, one more thing...if you are reading this and you have any ideas for an effer dare...EMAIL ME...we want to keep it as fresh and challenging as possible. Not something you have done or seen before.

I'm really leaving now.

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Amber said...

this isn't useless...this is life.
love that bing said truck..this was one of the weemans first words.
weeman loves his jammies too.
sean is super-hubby of the year.
meg is gorgeous and i love her.
i can't spell jewlray either.
i love love sauce chicken.
quit trying to be cool...you will never be vegan.
jude will love his gift.
i need new sheets.
i'm home.
i have many effer ideas..but want more, send some emails to me too gals if you got em.
xoxoxo happy hump day my lovey.

Jen said...

My brother is a vegan, and he is super skinny. Almost frighteningly so...but in a family prone to chubbiness that's an accomplishment. I do worry about how healthy he is though, but what the hell do I know.

And I agree with Amber, this isn't useless!!!!! Little snippets of Miss Ashleys life that let us know who you are. Definitely not useless.

Anonymous said...

I love your "useless snippets" girl, everything you do makes me smile... You are one rockin' cool beans MAMA! My little dudes have a jeep (so not as cool as the truck you're getting your little man), can they come over and have a Monster Truck Rally? I'm from New Mexico, you know we know how to do those things!!!
I'd be intimidated to give any of you effers any ideas, you guys are so freaking creative, I can't imagine anything you haven't thought of yet!
Can't imagine being a vegan... I love me some red meat, the bloodier than better!!! I also have fantasies about vampires that look like Brad Pitt... Does that make me a FREAK? hee hee!!!

Meghan said...

I love your posts. They are not useless it is your life and I love hearing about it.
Love it that Jude won't get out of his jammies..he likes to be comfie! Um..Veganism? I was vegetarian for about two months and then started getting so damn tired cuz of lack of protein and then I started eating cheese to give my bod some protein and then I figured out I was lactose intolerant so that didn't work out so freaking well.
I gotta get new sheets and a new comforter.
Love effer ideas.
I love that you mentioned me in your blog....I love attention if you didn't know. I love that freaking bing truck word. Ok love you too baby.

Raina_Marie said...

I must agree with the majority on this one. Nothing is useless if you take the time to type it out.

It is you and we read because we like you.

Raina_Marie said...

no, waitaminute.....we love you.

Viv said...

hi ash... i love your blog and eventhough i hardley ever {or maybe never} leave a message, i love reading about you & your life. you make me laugh, like with those pink-kimono-slipper-things a few posts back. anyway: life may seem useless at times but it never is. how sweet is your hubs, making you such a nice lunch. how cool is your bing boy. how comfy your Jude. if you enjoy eating meat, do not become a vegan. it may be too hard! keep up the smiles! keep up your awesome creativity!

Colleen said...

i was a vegan for a while...well, i guess vegetarian. i ate eggs, cheese, and drank milk. it is surprisingly easy, but you will crave meat. that's what did me in...cheeseburgers with bacon. YUM!

and there is nothing useless about your snippets. i love your snippets.

Klala said...

Love you and your stream of consciousness blogging. So real.

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

That Monster truck rawks!!! I want to make my own jewelery too :) My friend makes it and it looks like so much fun. I've decided to check out the bead store that's on Yonge right by my apartment to see if they have any cool beads and I think Michael's would carry the parts and tools. Can't wait to see the dare, although I'm totally behind :(