Effero Dareo Fouro <------ Sorry about that

Of the last three dares, this one:

a. pushed me.

b. made me smile

c. brought me back GREAT memories

d. made me bid on 5 books on ebay (to give Jude for his 5th birthday- in the back of his new monster truck)

e. made me think outside the box

f. got me to get something down on paper that I never would have been able to convey on my own.

Thank you Meg. Thank you so much. For the inspiration...and the reunion of me and Shel.

The Dare

Shel's Website

5 people took the time to say:

Raina_Marie said...

Ashley, you're stab at the dare is gorgeous. I read it three times. I'm in awe.
You are Fan-flippin-tastic.!!

Jocelyn said...

Ashley, I came to your site from the dare because I LOVE what you did! Can I post your layout on my blog as inspiration to myself? I just love everything about it! :)

Jen said...

Yup. Gotta agree with those girlieos. (See, your speech habits are contagious :})That layout BLEW my mind. Loved it.

aNgi B said...

hey you. you and shel were meant to be, man. your LO just rocked the gallery!! gotta get off my a@% and do this dare. (my daughter has "where the sidewalk ends" somewhere around here!)

Meghan said...

Ash your dare this week blew my mind...You rocked the dare, I am so proud and so in love with yours.