As I type:
I'm listening to Will & Grace on TV...
Bing is on my bed with a huge picture book pointing to Book (booh) balloon (boon) and car (cah)
Jude and Sean are in Jude's room putting together puzzles and sean is reading to him about the presidents.
My house is clean.
The laundry is done.
Dinner was not cooked and pizza was ordered.
Sean worked really hard on the "Project" house today.
I got hooked on Project Runway reruns today.
Doing some birthday lifts, wondering if i will ever be interested in scrapping again.
Owe-ing some emails and haven't checked blogs in weeks.
Awaiting the Freestyle book to come to my door, to show me that its real.
Have no clue why i got involved in that freaking Dancing w/the Stars show in the last ten minutes of the finale.
(Never watched one episode before)
Still searching for the perfect girl name.
Searching for books on Amazon about raising a bi-racial child. Sean and I think its time to start talking to Jude about biological issues. As much as I cry every time I think about doing it, it must be done. I must keep the lines of communication open, make sure he's confident, and ready for school. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HARD??!!?
Thankful for my mail love from Miss Jen today...LOVED my paper.
Wanting to teach, but wondering where the inspiration and mojo will come from.
Need some highlights in the worse way.
Watched Domino the other night...strangely drawn to Keira Knightley.
Still waiting on TomKat to break up.
Jude has one more basketball game until a pizza party and an awards ceremony.
My mom and my little sister got boob jobs on Wednesday. Have yet to see their "girls".
Oh yeah...and I have that dayrunner but its not helping.

4 people took the time to say:

Amber said...

thank god...signs of life from Miss Ashley Wren. As much as I loved your hubby's grill...ya ya grill, i got kinda sick of it. I love you mucho and loved chatting last night. dreaming of meeting. xo

island girl said...

OMG...they did not get boob jobs together!!?!! lol!! i hope they got a family discount!

glad you like your paper...pink flamingos make me think of you!! hee-hee!!

Caroline said...

love your randomness!

Ashley said...

hello Pie!
Sounds like life is good at the Wren house.
So nice to see you back :)