Let me see ya grill...YA YA YA grill...

I am so thankful that I have married a man who is as immature as me.
One that laughs at a simple word like bush.
Laughter is 24/7 here.
I can't be mad at him for longer than 5 minutes.
Right now...we are in a very WEIRD point in our lives.
We don't have full-time jobs ( I quit a job for the first time ever)...and the freedom and possibilities are endless.
We are going to buy and sell houses.
Buy Em, Flip Em, and Sell Em...
Jude came up with the name for our realty company.
Flippin' Sweet.
I'm going to try and teach at all the surrounding scrapbook stores.
Just testing things. Learning and growing. Totally learning by experience.
Some good. Some Bad. But all useful.
I was all about some Paula Deen food yesterday for the superbowl.
Taco Soup.
Cheesecake Cupcakes w/Reese's Cups.
Hogs in a Sleeping Blanket.
Playing UNO w/Jude.
Bing's getting big and talking...and still has an addiction to chcolate.
Making room for baby "O"...
Daydreaming of meeting Amber one day.
Eating way too many Willy Wonka heartbreakers that come out only at Valentine's Day.
Drinking way too many Mocha Blasts from Baskin-Robbins.
Peeling way too many oranges.
But I'm happy.
and Free.

16 people took the time to say:

gabbyfek said...

you KNOW i love me some paula deen foods.
and so do you.
hooray for laughter.
that's what matters.
you have love
and laughter
and family
hooray for that.

wendi said...

uhhh...i don't even know what to say about that picture! except i LMAO! yay for being happy and laughing!!

Hanni said...

i'm so glad for you miss ashley...so glad for family and freedom and being brave enough to test out the new waters... :)

genevieve said...

laughter is good stuff.
i'm glad you're testing the waters.
GOOD for you. :)

island girl said...

awwww...happy is good, laughter is good, chocolate is good, you are good....

tara said...

i love paula deen too.
so happy that you are happy and exploring possiblilities! good for YOU!

Maria Burke said...

Nothing better than laughing!!!!!! Phil and I crack each other up non-sto too!!
So great to see a post from you!!!! How are you feeling?????

Ashley said...

so glad to hear you sounding happy :) you and Sean will do awesome, no matter what you are working at :)


April said...

lemme see your grill...
that makes me LAUGH hysterically.
fun stuff, chickadee...


amberskolnick said...

hey you
that pic kinda scares me
but makes me laugh more
i miss you in the gallery
but i can't wait to buy the book
the book "Freestyle"
and don't say you are teaching classes
cuz i'm too far away to take them
i hope that's me you want to meet one day
at least if i think that it is
i feel kinda cool
love ya girl

Diana in WV said...

WOW, on your new adventures! You guys seem like a happy and fun couple, hell you guys have me snorting from laughing so much from some of your blog entries, haha. Lovin what you guys are wanting to do....seems you two are some fun entrepreneurs (and no its probably not freakin spelled right, lmao), and I wish I had some of your bravery to go something I've wanted to try! Best of luck to you in your future!

Anonymous said...

Ash.... just missing ya girl! :) --teri

tRicia said...

yay for paula deen. LOL
how are you feeling? Good I hope!

suburban mom said...

Yup. Laughter is priceless.

Sarah said...

"the top row's diamond and the bottom row's gold!"
That picture is so FUNNY.

And OH I hope life is wonderful, and the real estate works fabulously, and you teach as many classes as you want!

erika said...

heehee...smile for me daddy.....
flipping sweet....
yay for happy. xe