Freestyle Challenge!

I needed to be inspired.
I needed something to get me off my 6 month pregnant butt
These challenges are so inspiring.
These women in this book are unreal.
The detail, the words, the feeling.
Join me.
Do them.
Click on the link to the right ----> and join.
This is Angel Bing.
He was here for a year...
and then he turned one.
The wings are GONE folks.
I had to pay a tribute to them while they were there.
I'm soooo paying for how perfect of a baby he was.

7 people took the time to say:

Amber said...

we are so much alike it is scary. see my praise on 2peas for this LO.
you say Angel Bing, i say Bing Angel...yep...we are one. LOL

Melanie said...

Hi ashley. My LSS (west monroe) owner said you were in - it took me this long to find you online. Can't wait for my FS book to come! holler when you come back down.

Michelle W. said...

oh how cute... I'm sure his wing didn't dissappear when he turn 1. I think kids will always have us by the "balls" (if we have balls).


Caroline said...

YOU are inspiring.

shannon said...

LOOOVE that!! :) You are amazing.

sarah.b said...

Have to tell, loved this as soon as I saw it, love, love, love the wings, how sweet, and i just love your sense of humour!

franmartinez70045607 said...

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