I suck.

Breakfast in Bed...
French Toast.
PERFECTLY cooked bacon.
The always craved orange juice.
Delicious coffee w/coconut creamer in my mingo cup.
A gorgeous single red rose.
A set of lotions, powders, and creams for a pediicure to be given by him.
A hand-drawn heart the size of texas drawn by jude.
Being told Happy Mother's Day about 50x.
Being told you are the greatest mother in the world about 50x.
Being reminded that I am important, loved, and needed about 50x.
About 100 kisses.
And I ask two weeks later why I didn't get a stupid card.
I suck.
And now I wonder if he knows just how much I love what he did for me...I could not ask for more.

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Jen said...

That SOOO sounds like something I would say.
Hate those moments when you're mouth censor is broken.

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Aww! I'm sorry! Hugs!

sarah.b said...

We all have our moments when we suck, I just had one the other day, my hubby took it upon himself to go and get my a wonderful card for no reason, one of those cards you never throw away, and always cherish, he called me from work and told me that he had a surprise, he got home, told me to close my eyes, so he could give me my present, he always does that. i opened them and the first thing out of my mouth was, and i quote"that' it, that's my surprise, ithought it was something good!", you think you suck, how sucky am i!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! i'm on your interesting folks links.
don't ya hate it when you stick your foot in your mouth. I always seem to be very flexible in that arena.

Tanya said...

I've done the same thing. But believe me, he knows how much you loved it and everything else he does. Don't fret...he's stumbled over his tongue before, too.

Michelle W. said...

LOL. you don't suck. You're just cute...


Gina said...

aww how sweet!!
that makes me hungry...

Sarah said...

Hello. That could have come out of my mouth. Totally. The tray freaking rocks though...looks scrumptious!!

vivian said...


Amber said...

we all suck at times.
(do not make any darn jokes about that one...cause you easily could...and prolly will.)
we all have moments where we forget things. it's all about "expectations" and learning how to overcome your own and appreciate what was done. it is hard at times. i know that it has been something that i really have had to teach myself.
love you and your honest heart.
sean knows.
trust me.

erika said...

sean knows....
and we've all been there...
(you are also pregnant, so i'd blame hormones...is that wrong???)

that breakfast tray is the sweetest thing..
and it's making me hungry.