I have a new favorite magazine. Its brand new. Only 2 maybe 3 issues out. Its called Wondertime. Its motto is to celebrate your child's love of learning.

Its such a breath of fresh air from those typical baby magazines. Like Parents, Child, or Baby Talk.

This magazine doesn't talk about the celebs picks for the "hottest" diaper bag, or go over different baby foods, or tell you what to do to lose those last few baby pounds.

It teaches you tips and tells you about how your child's little mind works , gives you ideas about how to make a simple walk turn into a FUN adventure, how going to the grocery store can completely aid in their journey to learn math...

I can't say enough good things about this magazine.

As I was reading, I came across a topic that hit SO freaking close to home. Made me think. Actually made me change. It talks about how kids find miracles in everyday things.

An excerpt from an article:

When people say, "Kids are so Zen," this is what they mean: the way they appreciate every tiny miracle of the here and now. And, ironically its this very quality that tends to drive us parents crazy.

So true.
So true.
To hear Bing's excitement and the squeals he gives when seeing or blowing bubbles, totally warms my heart.
I even find myself saying "Bing I know! I know! I know bubbles I see them!" As he repeats "Bubbles" over and over again.
But to him...its a little piece of magic that comes from a wand that is dipped into liquid and then blown into.
It truly is amazing to him!
I want to feel that way, and I DO when I watch my children.
I genuinely feel their excitement, their interest, their amazement.
I just never want to lose that.

Also this:

If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder...he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we all live in.
{Rachel Carson - The Sense of Wonder}

I want to be that person for my children. I never want to view something that are passionate about or are interested in is silly, or petty. I want to see the way they do. Always. Even if its just a bubble, or helping me with the dishes, or jude's "SPEAR-UH-MENT" he created from Blue's Clues.

I know quite serious from the Nothing Serious girl...but hey this is my blog...so i'm typing whats on my mind.


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Tanya said...

Yet another motherly lesson you've passed on to me. I definately want to be that kind of mommy to Cooploops.

sarah.b said...

I totally think it is very okay to get serious, your talkin' about your kids. Can't tell you how much I am lovin' the CHEESE photo, so adorable. I was on 2ps in your gallery, girl I can't get enough, I just wish I had discovered 2ps years ago. You've got the mojo, girl!

Christy said...

Oh me too.. I want to be that kind of mommy too! This new mag sounds like a really good one! Watch, now I'm gonna be on a quest to find it... thanks Ash! :)

Amber said...

i just signed up for it.
this magazine looks amazing.
so excited.
i like you serious.
and goofy...
and whatever....

Wendy said...

Usually I just lurk...but have to comment as a teacher those words are some of the mostmost amazing and intelligent and inspiring I have ever heard a parent say. I'll have to check out the mag.

Anonymous said...

i just can't get enough of you

Heather said...

very cool. i'm gonna be on the look out for that mag. that's the kind of mommy kids deserve, ya know? a mommy to experience life with. thanks for reminding me.


jill said...

I must find that magazine.

And I ditto what sarah.b said. I was just looking through your gallery again and everytime I see something new. love it.

gabby almejo-garza said...

um...love love love your pics. especially the cheesy smiley one ;)
what an awesome mommy you are!

- g

gabbyfek said...

i am in love with this post
and your gorgeous boys
that happy bingy face
is priceless
teaching jude about spear-uh-mints...
you are the bestest, my dear.

viv said...

this wonderland sounds like the best magazine yet; i'll try and find out if they send issues to Australia..

island girl said...

love, love, love this mag!! i have the premier issue and the second one...they rawk, i literally read them cover to cover!

Jessica F said...

What a gorgeous post. I always tell my parents that one of the things I value most about them and how they raised me is how they made education, learning, and reading a big part of my life- nurtured it and promoted it.

I think its so important for parents to do this as TV, gaming systems, computer games, etc become more prevalent. Get them out and seeing new things.

Ok that was way cornball sounding, but whatever, I mean it and I love you!