Goodbye for Now...

Hello sweet girls...

I just wanted to leave a little MIA note, and let all my peasie and bloggy friends know that it will be a bit before I'm back into the cyberworld.

I went to the Dr. yesterday for my weekly checkup, and found out some interesting news. As I had said before, the Dr. wanted to "check me" yesterday to see if I would be ready for an induced labor next weekend. As she was checking me she could not find the head..or a foot for that matter...so she gave me an ultrasound, and after ten minutes of looking and being confused the Dr. discovered that Miss Difficult was breached. Not the normal breech where toesies are at the bottom, and head is at the top...but like diagonal. Imagine the head under your left rib cage, and the feet down at your right hipbone...everything is Ok...but it was such a surprise.

So....I will have a scheduled C-Section Thursday, July 27th @ 12 noon. I had both Bing and Jude naturally, so I am totally OK with things going this way. This has helped me plan everything out, and given me a sense of control about alot of things.

I am nervous. I am just so scared. I want everything to go OK. I want her to be healthy. I want to be coherent, and know what's going on. I just keep thinking these negative thoughts. I feel like since I already have two healthy AND beautiful children...will i really get another? And will it REALLY be a girl? I just have so much STUFF going on in my head. I just want peace of mind.

Any love you all give me will be much appreciated...I'm normally the smart ass, the one being so sarcastic its sickening, but well this time...I need all of you to do that...make me laugh...encourage me...just tell me its gonna be alright....

So...Miss Marley Jane Valentine Wren will be here in about 146 hours.


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Amber said...

i'm sorry i scared you when i called. :o)
you mean the world to me.
so does your family.
so it effects me.
big time!
you and little MJVW are in my thoughts and my prayers.
she will be fine.
i know she will.
no doubts here.
i so wish i could be there holding your hand....
i wub you.
xo me

Molly said...

I can totally relate to the nerves... try to relax and get some rest before you have a new dependent one to care for!

island girl said...


omg, i am so in love with her name. if she needs a boyfriend, please remember i have the cutest little 2 year old in the whole wide world. and i am teaching him how to treat a lady right! gotta start 'em young!!

and miss valentine is already making sure things go her way!!

hugs and love and kisses to you and your family!!

tRicia said...

I am so excited for you (and the family). She is going to be beautiful. She is going to be awesome. You are going to be fine!!! And I can not wait to see pics and scrapbook pages of her!

.:liza:. said...

Delurking to say...good luck & things will be fine. As a momma to a 6 year old DIVA...you'll love all the girlyness she's going to bring into your life. It's all pink & fun from this point on.

sarahbee said...

Have faith in your Doctors, they know what they are doing, they do it everyday, you'll be fine, baby will be fine, no worries, chin up! Happy times! Your gonna have a little girl!

jill said...

Everything will be fine for sure, just enjoy this time while she is tucked safely inside you, as I am sure you know how things are with a newborn. I love her name. You are going to have a beautiful, sweet little girl in less than a week!

Anonymous said...

Awww, Ash... thinking of ya!


Vicky in New Zealand said...

You are going to kick some c section ass! and that little girl will have a begining as lovely as her brothers! My niece was a breech just like Marley and she is on cool kid, her name is Aria....my son Kaya was born naturally which i am grateful for but its not so much about the birth as the LOVE! peace...you will be in my thoughts scrapping hero

Britt said...

Marley's just letting you know who is in charge. :)
Thoughts and prayers going out to you.
Can't wait to see pics of your Princess.

Court said...

totally stumbled onto your blog and thought I'd post cause from one mama to a Marly {short for Marlyce} to a soon mama to Marley I wanted to send many blessings of peace and comfort for both of you.
a two time c-sectioner here to say.... It's gonna be beautiful no matter. a new life. CONGRATS!!!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

What a sweet name Ashley! So sweet! And I'm sure everything will be fine! Can't wait to see pics...I bet she'll be the cutest little thing in the world!

Hugs girlie! I'm thinking about ya! Take care of yourself and the baby...

Kelly Miller said...

Everything is going to be great Ashley! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I lurk on your blog sometimes. I got the link from Vivian's blog - viv in australia.
I'm australian too.
What prompted me to post was the name you've chosen - My daughter has Valentine as one of her 2nd names, as does my niece. They were both named after my father Valentine.
I had 3 sons before having a daughter and I found it hard to believe I had a girl too.
You and baby will be just fine I'm sure. My sister has had 2 caesars and it was a lot easier for her, both times, than I would've expected.
Good luck to you all.

Missy said...

C-sections aren't so bad.
just relax.
Baby Marley will be fine.
She has to be.
and so will you.

Heather said...

our brains work just alike. after being upset i was pg i obsessed about the babies health. i already had 3 healthy beautiful kids. what were the chances i'd get another especially after my earlier behavior when i realized i was pg. but, i did. i got another perfectly healthy and definitely beautiful baby. i am ridiculously spoiled by God and i think you are too. no worries.

make sure you let the dr. know how you want things to go. you probably already have, but she should know you don't want to be knocked out if possible, etc.

sending cyber hugs,

Raina_Marie said...

Oh my, been checking is every day since you teased about having chosen a name for baby girl....

Marley is the most darling name ever. Sweet and precious...and she will be perfect, as will all the surprises she brings along.

Meghan said...

I am excited for Marley's debut! She will be fine and so will you, stay positive and we all can't wait to see her photo!

erika said...

you know...
i'm still at the lake,
but had to say...
you and mj will be fine...
3 c-sections here...
one sideways baby...
and they were/are perfect...
no worries...
i'm so excited to see this gorgeous new wren ;)
we'll talk soon.
loveyou angel girl..xxxe

Christy said...

Oh sweetie... I can imagine how you must be feeling but I'm sure that everything is going to be just fine... you are going to be great and little miss Marley Jane Valentine is going to be a beautiful, healthy baby I just know it! Just think, you're going to be holding your new, sweet baby girl next Thursday - how exciting is that??!! Until then, try not to worry too much, rest your bod and catch up on some zzzzzz's cuz you're gonna need 'em, lol! Love you girl and know that you're in my prayers!

aNgi b said...

hey there ashley pie
i haven't been around in awhile
just want you to know i will be sending prayers your way
be safe
be sound
keep the faith

courtney said...

best of luck to you and your brood, I love the name you and hubby have chosen, Marley! So cool! I'll say a little prayer for her safe journey into the world!
Good lUck!

Jill said...

what a sweet sweet girl name you've chosen :) it'll all be OK & she'll be here soon. take care!!

tara said...

i will say prayers for you and marley....just trust in God and the care of your doctors skilled hands....every little thing is gonna be alright...care package in the mail sooN!

Mara said...

gorgeous name!!
thinking of you, A.

Michelle W. said...

OMG... your little mini me if coming soon!!! Yay!! She'll be fine and you'll do great!!!

I wanna see mini me so bad!!! LOL.

micayla said...

Im sending huge hugs and kisses all the way from the UK.
Beautiful things happen to beautiful people, so do not worry Ashley, everything is going to be just fine.
I wish you all the luck in the world and great name btw,
Micayla xx

Caroline said...

i love the name!!

angieoh! said...

Ashley.... You and your whole family are in my prayers. Stay strong, listen to Gwen, Rock out a little, give that girl something to make her big debut for!!! You are a total cool cat and I can't wait to hear all about her as she joins us on this world !

Anonymous said...

Everything will go great. I love the name of your lil princess. Can't wait to see some pics here and at 2 p's. Sending big hugs to you and the family.

Jamie said...

OMG, that name is just precious. I so love. I'm wishing you the best of luck girl, we all can't wait to see the sweetness. :)

Tammy said...

Best wishes and prayers to you...it'll be OK

Anonymous said...

i'm thinking about you
and i know everything will turn out ok
i feel it in my toes
don't be nervous!!
love you lots!!

kellymccaleb said...

your sweet baba
is just letting you know
right from the start
that she's doin her own
thing, she's not one
to do things
and the birth is NO exception.
looks like you've got
a little you comin'!!!!!!!!
congrats, everything will
be wonderful.
don't you worry.
ask them for Lorna Doone
cookies in the hospital.
they tasted so good to me
after labor.
i cleaned the hospital outta them.
love ya girl,

shannon said...

You're going to do great. She's going to be beautiful. And even if she ended up ugly (which she WON'T!!) you'd still love her to pieces. That's just how it works. :) I hope everything goes smoothly and wonderfully for you!

Kelly said...

thinking about you this week.
can't wait to see some little girlie pics.
take care, you.
losta love.

maggie holmes said...

the same thing happened to me with my third baby except they didn't figure it out until i was about 8 hours into labor! i had a c-section and everything went great. it was scary when you don't know what to expect but it was still a good experience. the recovery is different but you will be fine!
take care and enjoy that baby!!

Crystal said...

Just realized it is Thursday and I am wishing you positive baby birth vibes!! Sprinkling the happy baby pixie dust too.

Welcome to the world Miss Marley Jane Valentine (soon)!

Crystal and baby Zoe

Anonymous said...

Long time lurker here (found you during early effer stuff)
Wishing you all the best with birth and baby. (3 boys, 3 c-sections)Having a little "girly" envy now after seeing your wonderful cake/shower/etc.
Sending you the best of vibes, knowing that your friends and Family love you dearly....everything is gonna be peachy pink and fine.

Sue Sume
and now back to the shadows to continue my lurking

Laila, Norway said...

Both my children were lying "diagonally" and I had both by c-section. I actually wanted a c-section also because of nerves for giving birth. Don't be afraid of the c-section, I didn't have any pain under the operation and none after, and my two boys are perfect! I wish you the best of luck!

Lu said...

congratulations on the little one. blessings to you and the family.

Kim Henkel said...

thinking of you and wishing you all the best! xoxo

Anonymous said...

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