She's coming soon...

What a perfect shower.
Gerbera Daisies in all shades of pink.

Pink Chocolate covered strawberries.

The most amazing polkie-dotted cake made by my Aunt.

Pink and Green polka dots EVERYWHERE.

Pink and Green candles burning everywhere.

Fresh fruit, Fresh veggies, the most yummy food.

Presents galore...even one from Gabs and *e* wrapped in the most PERFECT wrapping paper ever.

All the presents in pink.

All the girlie onesies and outfits.

The striped little blankets.

The baby sweetpea lotion and bodywash and powder.

Sean and I saying "AWWWWWWWWWWWW" to every single present I opened.

To be surrounded by people that genuinely care about me and baby ______.

It was such a good day. My friend Julie went ABOVE and beyond with this shower. It was perfect. It went way too fast. WAY too fast. I don't know how I can ever repay her for what she did for me...but I will think of something.

And you see that PERFECT little cake up there?? Well we didn't even cut into it. There was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much food. So we are going to freeze it, and serve it at Miss Thang's 1st Birthday. So I'm ahead on ordering a cake.

A little update...I'm not due until August 8th...but my Dr will be out of town the 2nd-11th...so she is wanting to induce me NEXT weekend. Holy Lord. I'm not ready. I need time to think. To gather my thoughts. To get organized. I'm scared. and Nervous. And I want her to be healthy. and for everything to go smoothly. EEEEEK!


ps-blogger SUCKS it won't let me upload ANY more photos.

12 people took the time to say:

Jen said...

Next week??
I am not ready either!!
So soon??
I thought we had more time!
And that cake is beutimous.
SO HAPPY you had an amazing day for baby ________.

micayla said...

Im so happy you had a fabby shower, i am so happy you are nearly ready to bring baby into the world.
I wish you and your family all the love in the world and hope everything goes well for you.
Bummer you cannot load anyomore pics!!!!

tRicia said...

omg! next week??
excitin stuff!!!
super cute cake.

Jamie said...

OMG, next week?!!?? Oh wow Ash, how totally EXCITING!!! :)

sarahbee said...

Love the cake, that's kind how my wedding cake looked, that same style. Funky! yeah for the pink!

gabriella almejo-garza said...

ahhh...seriously, it looks like you had a wonderful baby shower. baby goodies are the best ever, aren't they? and that cake....oh, that cake. where do i begin. let's just leave it at this:

i want to have a baby just so i can get a cake like that one. really.

hugs to you.

- g

Anonymous said...

the little-est wren is coming
how exciting
i am going out of town
you will be in my thoughts
love you chica

Caroline said...

that cake is supercute!!!!
next week, huh?

kellymccaleb said...

i had to find your blog...
to get a feel for the perfect thing to make for the
new girlie
and i am happy to see your bump
with a flamingo on it..
i think i know what to make now...

Michelle W. said...

whoa... so soon...

can't wait!!! can't wait to see a mini ms AShley!

Amber said...


Anonymous said...

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