Tuxes, Boy-guhs & a Britney body

My weekend.
Went out of town to a fun little city called Hot Springs.
Just Me, Sean, and MJ Valentine.
One of our greatest friends got married on Saturday, and sean was a groomsman in the wedding.
The first time for me to ever see the dearheart in a Tux...me likey.
It was such an event filled two days that we never really got to just sit down and relax.
It was always looking at the clock until our next "appointment". and i HATE that feeling.
How much time do we have left?
We got to sit down and relax after the rehearsel dinner. Had a some drinks at Outback. Boy did I need that. I've been pregnant for what seems like forever. But with breastfeeding its so tricky. So I was a good girl and had just one!

We ate huge burgers (boy-guh) in Sean's made up accent at Ruby Tuesday's a place we had never been.
Of course had to get a McAlister's sweet tea.
All in all it was a fun little getaway.
Now its not white sand, turquoise water, deserted beach, and coronas w/ lime...but it was an escape for the norm.
And for that I am thankful.
Always hoping to win the lottery win I'm out of town and shopping.
Sean said I don't think I could do this if we were insanely rich...
the getting in and out of the car with our children and the constant in and out of stores.
I think he might be right.
We only had Good Garley Miss Marley, and it was killing us to try to go places with just her in the scorching Southern heat.
Starting the gym today.
My Dr. said that she thinks three weeks is long enough for me.
Just no weight lifting.
I've been uploading the Ipod with straight bubblegum pop.
Thats what I like when I'm getting my workout on.
There is nothing wrong pretending that you have a Pre-K-Fed, Pre-two kids, Pre-Trashy Britney Spears body while you are on the treadmill.
Or is there?

8 people took the time to say:

Kelly McCaleb said...

you look HOT in that pic.
i want a bight of that burger.
haha, look how i spelled bite.

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Aww, look at you and baby! And a guy in a tux is hot...glad you could get away for a bit!

PS Do we have a TV yet? I've got tons more codes for you!

sarah said...

ooohhh! that photo of you and sweet little MJ is friggin adorable. You look beautiful and she is just a doll.

I have baby lust.

sarah said...

ooohhh! that photo of you and sweet little MJ is friggin adorable. You look beautiful and she is just a doll.

I have baby lust.

Anonymous said...

oh man
i just love seeing pictures of your life
you & MJ are so cute
and sean ain't bad either
i have tons more codes too

Chris-el-da said...

how cute are you miss ashley with that little baby of yours?! she is beyond beautiful!

i'm a fan of the pop while running on the treadmill. Gwenny always does the trick for me. ALWAYS!

Christy said...

You are one hot mama miss A! Love that pix of you and miss MJ... so sweet! So glad you guys were able to get away for a bit... sounds like a fun time! And thanks for the sweet, sweet comments on my blog - you totally made my day you have no idea! Lub ya girlie:)

Sarah said...

oh the baby and mama goodness.
I can't decide who's prettier!!

McAlisters Sweet Tea. Must you remind me? Dang.

Glad you had a good weekend!!!