Anyone know how to make a Mocha Blast like Baskin Robbins?

I have been ill.
Very ill.
Last week was rough.
103° fever rough.
But i am better.

Lots of miscellaneous things going on.

The fair is tonight.



I will ride anything else there is to ride, but NOT the ferris wheel. It freaks me out.

My birthday is Monday...

Sean surprised me with this (the GROOVY green one) . So freaking cool. One of those things that you did realize HOW cool, until you get it. Its got all my favorite pictures on it. Forget brag books for your purse.

I requested some red velvet cupcakes w/buttercream icing.

Sean's grandfather passed away on Tuesday. So tough. Sean is 26 years old, and is lucky enough that he has never, ever had to experience a death. So this was hard on him. There aren't to many things as gut-wrenching than watching your husband cry. (and MANY times)

Planning Jude's birthday party...he wants it at the bowling alley. He also wants this Ben 10 watch I don't get it...but I'm sure he doesn't get the fruity SEI paper I just bought. I got him the Cranium game Erika suggested. We own the adult one, so I can only imagine how fun the kid one is for the whole family.

Sandler got a hair TRIM. Its still long, and shaggy but doesn't go hang down his back.

Martini is the sweetest. Love her. Can't imagine not having her. 8 weeks old already! INSANE.

Still daydreaming of Indianapolis.

Still doing piles of dishes and laundry.

Still thanking God that my kids aren't Supernanny material.

Still trying to take better photos, but appreciating the ones I have.

Still reading The Celebrity Baby Blog and wishing I didn't care.

Still need highlights, so I can give my bandanas a break.

I had more pictures but blogger is a *********.

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glo-girl said...

Glad you're feeling better..sorry I don't know how to make a mocha blast... :)

Your baby is the CUTE-est there is.


Kelly McCaleb said...

1. i am so sorry you were sick :(
2. you look really cute in that pic
3. thanks a lot for introducing me to the celeb baby blog. like i need another thing to drain my day!

Amber said...

I love u miss ashley wren.
i know you know this.
your useless knowledge always makes me smile.
your little bits of your life.
your love for your family.
you are my favorite.
this is for sure.
and i'm still dreaming of Indianopolis as well.

Kelly S. said...
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Kelly S. said...

ok mocha blast-
4-5 scoops chocolate icecream
chocolate syrup- or fudge
ice cubes (3)
1/3 cup milk
mix (add more icecream if too thin, more ilk if too thick)
I add a shot or 2 of espresso (gives it a little kick)
top with whipped cream and more syrup

Love that green ipod, maybe i will paint mine, then add some rub ons

enjoy that baby girl, as you know it goes by too quickly!

take care

Ryann said...

sorry you were feelin ill. glad you are up and running again. that green nano will boost your energy! great gift from a great hubby! i'm sure your little one's are NOT supernanny material... thank goodness! Just let me know what else you need to get this INDY thing going!


Gillian said...

Okay, Celebrity Baby Blog is my FAV!!! I wish it wasn't, but I'm shallow like that! :)

~Jamie said...

hahaha I am sporting the same bandana look currently... stupid highlights! Why can't they stay longer?

and that is one cute bebe!

Chris-el-da said...

tipsy- use mozilla when you're uploading to blogger. and say buh-bye to your photo ish with blogger.

Happy belated birthday miss Ashley!

glad you're feeling better

Lily said...

Isn't the iPod the best thing Evah???? I could die without mine....
And how cute is the babe????

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I am so late in getting over here and wising you a happy day.

island girl said...

why oh why must you share the celeb baby blog..i didn't even know such a thing existed..and now i am addicted!