We all have our thoughts.
We all know where we were.
What our initial reaction was.
How it changed us.
Being in the military, it completely turned my world upside down.

I was stationed in England.
I remember coming home after having to be at work an extra 10 hours, and hugging my 11 month old Jude.
Thinking this world is crazy, and effed up, and I wish i could fix it before you grow up to realize just HOW crazy.
History in the making.
Questioning things we didn't know we would ever have to question.
Feeling things we never knew we would feel.
So in honor of 091101, i did
this challenge over on the Freestyle blog.
And it would rock, and make me sooooooo happy if ya'll did it.

8 people took the time to say:

glo-girl said...

We were stationed in Germany at the time.
Love your LO, totally raw and beautiful.

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Gorgeous layout Ashley! I'm not even sure I can do a layout about it yet. I did some right after with some editorial cartoons and images from the net, but those were all superficial. I might try though.

Christy said...

Wow! I am just in awe over this lo/post, Ashley! It's so beautiful, powerful and touching... and has me totally choked up! I will never forget where I was at the time - I will ALWAYS remember. Awesome tribute and I thankyou for sharing this.

micayla said...

Love it Ashley, So honest!!! My heart is with you all today!!

christina cole said...

i love this layout ashley.... :) and try to not feel too overwhelmed with all the kiddies...you get used to it i promise! :)

Kristi said...

Ashley you rock! I will do your challenge. Even though I am Canadian, it shocked and stunned us too. just read your last blog, and man, you ARE a great mom. we all have those moments. heck, I have 5, and it is chaos. we have our moments. anyways, you are great!

genevieve said...

hi ashley-pie.
just saw this on the FS bloggy...
sweet stuff.
mwah to you.

xobellaaimox said...

this is gorgeous!