I can take a hint...SHEESH!

Hey Jude...
I can take a hint!
A simple "can you make us pancakes?"
would have sufficed!
<--------------------- Thank you sooooooooooo much for your responses to my last post regarding moving. Those cities were totally helpful. I think we might be have a feel of where we want to go. Ryann suggested Indianapolis... It seems like EXACTLY what we are aiming for. We love the census statistics. Its only a 9 hour drive from our family here in Arkansas. Teachers get paid well. Its only a few hours away from Amber.
Its only a few hours away from Mrs. Tara Pollard Pakosta.
Hey Jen how far would I be from you?
I could go on and and on...but it really seems perfect.
We have exactly one year to plan. We want to be settled in by the time Julian starts school.
It will be such a dream come true for my family.
When I was 17, I went into the Air Force...traveled, went places...never intended to come back.
But Sean wanted to, and we felt it was the best thing since we were moving from England, and had been away from our families for so long, it just seemed natural.
Then we got to comfortable and it seemed like we would be stuck here forever, and I would have to always say "What if" and live in regret.
But it really is going to happen.
Ryann I am going to totally email you soon ok?

This is a busy spot in my house:

Does anyone have the new Christina Aguleira CD they want to send me?

For Jess's Blog...
Her request:
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
make a list of what you did and will do
thoughts you had literal or not funny or serious
a written snippet of your life
put it on your blog link me to it
then make a sb page out of it eventually

My toenails needed to be painted.
Bing needs a haircut in the worst way.
Sean wrote O-Z-Z-Y * across my toes with a Sharpie.
I wore my rainbow flamingo shirt from Amber with grey gauchos.
I ate a CRUMMY box of frozen chinese food.

I should paint my toenails.
Marley's in my arms asleep.
The boys had Macaroni and Cheese for lunch.
Jude's friend Max is here from kindegarten (the one that is moving)
Jude keeps calling him Max-aroni and Cheese.
Garfield is playing in the livingroom.
Bing needs a haircut in the worst way.
I have entirely to many kids at my house.
I downloaded this band's new album Love them. Happy Stuff.
I will clean the entire house for tomorrow.

I will paint my toenails.
Bing needs a haircut in the worst way.
We are having a party at my house. (Burgers, Wine, Dominoes, Cards)
Everyone will rave about how awesome Sean's burgers are.
I will sleep in.
I will make homemade mac and cheese, and cut up fresh veggies for a veggie tray.
Im sure somehow I will have to go to Wal-Mart.

12 people took the time to say:

Jessica F said...

Ok so Indianapolis isn't L.A., but I wasn't really thinking that was where you guys were gonna end up anways ;)

I've got the CD. You need to get Soulseek. Its a quick, easy file-sharing, downloading program. Easy to use and get full CDs on!

sarah.b said...

You guys are gonna be so happy there, it will be cool for you to be so close to Amber. I could make a list for like 3 months and paint my toe nails would be on that list everyday, I love the way it looks when i do it, I just never do. Ha!Oh, btw, you have been tagged.

Jen said...

Indy...HELL YES!
Do it Mama!
3 hours from me. :):)

Kelly McCaleb said...

you're a clever lady.
you make me smile.
i want to come to your party.

Shannon (jarrettsmomma) said...

You guys would LOVE Indy!! I've never lived more than 3 hours from there my whole life and it's always fun to go there. Lots to do and see (and some pretty good scrappin stores!!)

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis,hell yeah!!! :)

shannon said...

That is just COOL. I'm excited for you and your plans! My brother lived in Indy for a couple years and they really liked it.

erika said...

check out bloomington (indiana) too... ;)

gabbyfek said...

what e said.
b-ton is the only place i'd live in IN.... but that's just me... lived there for 6 years. probably one of my fave places in the whole wide world.
just.... amazing.
except.... they'll make a john mellencamp fan out of you.

Ryann said...

Of course you can email me anytime! ryannharlow@hotmail.com
Bloomington IN is only 1 hr from Indy and it is beautiful there. We head that way for long weekends. 2 1/2-3 hrs north is the Dunes National Park along Lake Michigan too. Lots to do in Indiana! I'll be looking forward to talking to you about Indy!

{ brooke } said...

move to indy to see ME!
indy is great.
check out broad ripple.
it's very artsy.
very a.
awesome stuff!

michele said...

ooh ... indy is nice. my inlaws live in a 'burb (greenwood) and it's a lovely city. and downtown indy itself is getting cooler and cooler all the time! and nine hours with kiddos is doable - we travel 600 miles from mn to in with a 6 yo and a 1 yo a couple of times a year. it works!!