can't think of a catchy title.

its soccer season...
lots of games, lots of practices, lots of bribing bing w/chocolate to remind him he isn't on the team, which means he can't run out on the field and kicke the ball.

Jude scored two goals Tuesday night...so freaking proud of him.

Working on his bowling party...have lots of FUN ideas for it. Its the first time ever that the birthday party has not been at my house. That takes alot of pressure off of me, and also lets me do more creative things.

This picture is of Sean and I working on the little nametags.

Gonna have an actual bowling pin for everyone that attends to sign.

Gonna have a bunch of cupcakes hat form a bowling pin (hard to explain)
Realizing lately that I'm WAY to hard on myself.
About my weight...(dude! i had a baby 8 weeks ago)
About being a perfect mom (remember my layout w/the quote "The most important thing she learned was that there was NO way to be a perfect mom but a million ways to be a great one." That is my mantra! I will live that, and hold on to that every single day.
Because I AM a good mother.
I am just going to be me. Just live and cherish every single day that I get on this earth.
and not worry about any of that petty BS that gets in the way.

Jude's birthday is on the 12th, and Sean's is on the 18th....I wanna make him a recipe book with all his recipes and formulas and pictures. Any ideas?


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Kelly McCaleb said...

you are amazing!
thanks for saying all that cause i needed to hear it too, the party sounds like a BLAST. i want to make a recipe thing for me too, i just bought at target one of those kraft paper accordian file things, that have the cool accent color binding and are super cheap, you know what i'm talking about? they have a whole line, binders, note pads, really cool looking, they look like a perfect blank slate for that type of project. ps-did you ever get the card i sent?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you realized you were being too hard on your self. Being a great Mom is alot of work!! Good luck o your recipe book, sounds like a super cute idea!

erika said...

you are in fact adorable.
and that should be every mom's mantra...serious.
can't wait to see some bowling party pics...
way to go on the goals jude!!!!

glo-girl said...

Love the bowling name tag idea. :) CUTE!

As for the recipes book, I started a "file folder" of recipes for my sister...it measures about 5X7..I kept it simple, I cut a bunch of CS to measure 4.5X6, and then punched holes in the folder, and the bottom of each piece of CS...then threaded ribbon through to hold it all toether at the fold...then I formated text boxes and typed up the recipes. I need to print them out and adhere, then I am done.
Please email me if you need a visual...(I am reading through this and thinkning you may, since I am NO good at 'splaining things! LOL)

Good luck momma!!


Christy said...

Judes bowling party sounds so fun! I love the little name tags you're making... such a fun and creative mama you are! And I love your mantra... that should be EVERY mother's mantra cuz it's a dang good one! STILL planning on lifting that one of these days btw. And try not to be depressed about your baby weight girl... like you said, you *JUST* had a baby! Give it some time - you'll lose it. And hey - at least you have an "excuse"... I haven't actually given birth to any babies so what's my problem? Oh yeah, I just like good food. :) Love you girlie! ((Hugs))

genevieve said...

hiya :) excellent mantra, i say!
and super totally belated bday :( i had no clue. but i've started on your book! so that will be a very incredibly awfully late bday thing ok? ok. xog

Caroline said...

bowling party?!
sounds WAY cool!!
love the pins!!

sarah.b said...

only the best mom's have surrendered to the fact that they CAN NOT be everything to everybody.
OOOOh a recipe book, fun fun!!!

viv said...

you are one
cool mum
i'm sure