Lovefest for Jude.

Because you have neat handwriting.
Because you love stickers.
Because you are impatient.
Because you like the cold side of the pillow.
Because you get frustrated easily.
Because you love the Chili Peppers.
Because you like your bath water HOT.
Because you love taking pictures.
Because you like things tidy.
Because you are giving.
Because you love hard.
Because of these things I know that you are mine.
i love that you color all your animals and people brown.
i love your little drawings.
i love your passion for art.
i love your handwriting.
i love that you wear your new watch.
i love that you count everything in "sleeps".
i love that you are kind.
i love that you hold my hand when we are in the car.
i love how you talk in the 3rd person. (Example: Jude wants chocolate milk please)
i love that i catch you practicing soccer on your own time.
i love that you are constantly thinking of others.
i love how creative you are.
you love snuggling w/mommy.
you love soccer.
you love Ben 10.
you love bacon.
you love school.
you love vanilla icecream w/rainbow sprinkles.
you love all things artistic.
you love playing outside w/ the neighborhood boys.
you love your daddy.

Happy 6th birthday angel boy.
I know that I am tougher on you than I probably should be,
but be patient with me. I'm learning. I think you are an amazing, smart, and beautiful soul.
So happy and thrilled to be your momma. You never cease to amaze me.
Your potential is ENDLESS.

*Sorry this entry was written TO jude...but i had alot on my mind, and this was the best way for me to get it out.

15 people took the time to say:

KerryLynne said...

oh my heck, a-dub...!
you are, like, the most gorgeous thing on the whole flippin' planet...!

happy happy day, mr. judey-wudey...:o)

erika said...

this makes my heart smile...
how much you love him....
i can not wait to meet this little man. happy birthday jude.

Tanya said...

he is amazing because of his amazing parents!

I love this little man more than words can say!

Jen said...

Happy birthday little man.

genevieve said...

happy birthday JUDE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

the love
for the little Jude
i love it
you so make me wanna have kids
stop it already

tara said...

holy cow do you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! you are soooooo pretty girlie!
and what an amazing thing to write to your son!
cooL! very cool.

Kelly said...

so cute.
happy birthday to jude!!!
you are looking like one HOT mama :)

viv said...

the sensitivity in
your words
brought a tear to my eye.
such love. awesome.
happy bday Jude!
and you look

Coleen Thompson said...

I am sitting here sobbing, I have a mushy heart to begin with, I guess I should have saved your blog to the last. I can't read through the tears. Happy Birthday Jude! Looks like you are really loved, that in itself is the best gift ever. Nice words mamma!


shannon said...

You are a sweet, good little mommy. I love what you wrote.

Amber said...

happy late birthday sweet jude.
i hate to do this to ya, but i'm going to have to take another sour patch kid.....
and ash....you are just beautiful and those star earrings??? yes.

~CHeLsea~ said...

Ashley- I love this poem that you have written to julian. Your very talented! By the way- I really like your blog- Come see me agin soon- bring my children!

island girl said...

awwww...you are so stinkin' sweet! love your Ode to Jude!!

and girl...you are a hot mamma! love that pic of the two of you!

sarahbe said...

Such a loving mommy, I think this post is too cute!! You should write it all down somewhere safe so he can read this kind of stuff when he gets older. SO SWEET!!!