Uncoordinated, Celebrity Blog Sober, Thrifty, Comfortable, Wound Up

Check out Marley's homemade shirt Sean and I made..
Since we call her "Martini"....i have all kinds of Martini things.
A stamp, stickers, paper...
Love her!
Miss Amber "SPRINKLES" Skolnick tagged me to name five weird things about myself. (That shouldn't be TOO hard)

Five Wierd things about Ashley on a Monday.

1. Started a new class at my gym last Wednesday. Urban dance. dude. it was a mix between amazing and hilarious. Because i was pouring with sweat, I couldn't walk the next day because I was so sore, but I had an absolute blast. I laughed the ENTIRE time. My uncoordinated ass trying to learn a hip-hop dance routine. now THAT is entertainment. The teacher was awesome, the music was PERFECT. I kept saying...I think I could get this routine down if you guys were serving Long Island Ice Tea's.....

2. I have been celebrity blog AND baby celebrity blog free for TWO whole weeks. That's fourteen whole days of being completely clueless of what's going on in Hollywood, and I must admit its NICE. Having a daughter changed my views in so many ways. Anyway....the only reason I know about Reese and Ryan and Britney and K-Fed is because of the Yahoo home page. GO ME.

3. I love thrift stores. So so so much. I go at least once a week. Love seeking out new treasures.
Like these polkie-dot sheets I got at The Goodwill for only $1.75!!!! Perfect for my Jude and Bing's room!!!

4. I am really really in a Vans phase. I want every single color. Every single design. I love them. They are casual, funky, comfortable. I especially want these.

5. Gwen's new song WIND IT UP. Rocks my gwen loving world. Got down to it at the gym today. I love her. Always have. Since 1995. Marley would SOOOO be named Gwen Valentine if my last name wasn't Wren. Gwen Wren....for some reason, I just don't think it works.

11 people took the time to say:

island girl said...

OMG...i love her little homemade tee! and thiftstores rock..especialy when you find polkie sheets! :-)

and how do you get someone addicted to the baby blog, and then leave her in the wind!

Anonymous said...

hey you
thanks for playing the tag
you are super
i think alcohol and exercise
is a good idea ;o)

linda b. said...

how cute is that shirt! is it bedazzled? =P~

i can't believe you've been trashy goss blog free. 2 weeks. i love me some pink is the new blog to stop reading. so happy about brit and k-fed. sad about reese and ryan.

love those sheets too.

erika said...

aww, man...but lilly and gwen would have been perfect ;)wink.
you are too cute.
love this post...and my GOSH martini is CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE.

Jamie said...

I HAVE those Vans, and YES you need them.
I LOVE them.
That class sounds like SO much fun.
That shirt is so freaking cute. :)

Kelly McCaleb said...

you're so funny.
and i have those vans. they are worth every penny of the 36 bucks! love um.

Missy said...

lub me some wind it up...
and gwen wren ;)

Caroline said...

i LOVE that shirt!
and the sheets!!!

Josie said...

OMG! That is the cutest shirt! And who can resist polka dots sheet - love them!

Anonymous said...

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Christy said...

Omg. Marley's little handmade tee is the cutest, Ash! Lub it! And I love the idea of exercising to a long island icetea. Hmmmmm.... :) That class sounds totally fun! Wish they offered it at my gym. Have a great week girlie!