Jeff Gordon and Bock-Bock

I removed the skeletons, pumpkins, frankensteins, and the big glass bowl of candycorn today.
goodbye Halloween.
Check out the chicken and the race car driver.
Everywhere we went we heard..."SHE is so cute!!!"
How many times have you heard that *e*?
So I am bummed out right now.
Why you ask?
Well...our landlord is selling our house.
So we are stuck with having to find a new house.
There is no time limit...He just listed it yesterday...but I feel totally invaded with people coming to look at my house. My things. My life. My messes.
I am very OCD about my house...even when family comes over...heck...even when sean gets home from work I want it clean for him.
And yesterday over 15 real estate agents came in our house!!!
I almost had my first ever anxiety attack.
My husband was like "They look at tons of houses every day. Every week. Do you really think they are going to see you in Wal-Mart, and whisper...that's the lady I told you about who's house had crushed up goldfish crackers all over the living room floor."
Good point honey.
Gots to move all our crap...Hope that we find a house that is as great as the one we are in now...Plus enter into a year long lease...making moving out of state even harder.
I told Sean we should just move.
Take the risk.
And just Move to Indiana.
Just do it.
I'm scared to death too...But we should just take the plunge.
He then is suddenly hit with the reality of being away from our family.
With having been in the military, I've done it before...and would be ok. (I think)
So Sean then says I don't think I could deal with seeing my mom just once or twice a year.
So now we are both like...what the hell?
Do we stay for our family? (Which don't get me wrong....its EXTREMELY important)
Or do we sacrifice family time...for the dreams that WE have.
I am just so like....BLECH.
Too many life altering decisions to think about right now.
I need to finish college too.
I just want to clear my head.
Its sooo busy.
I just want peace of mind.
What a crappy blog post.
i bet ya'll are thinking.....CRY ME A RIVER!!!!
woe is me.


15 people took the time to say:

debbie said...

Give yourself some time to think it all through. If it's right for you to move away it will work out. You were just hit with a life changing thing--having to move. Try to sit with it for a while before you make big decisions.
We moved away from all our family 6 years ago and while it is hard to see our famiy only once or twice a year, it was the right decision for our family and that makes it easier. Make any sense?!

sarah said...

no, not woe is me...
real, genuine, okay-to-have concerns.
I have no real advice to offer other than to just go with your heart.

and that is one cute chicken and race car driver you have there! :)

island girl said...

omg...they are so freakin' cute! and you so have to your blog title for a scrap page! lol!

ther is no "woe is me" on this blog....those are huge decisions to make...not to be taken lightly at all...and if it helps to throw them out there in bloggy land, then go for it!

the right decision will come for you guys! hugs girl!

Anonymous said...

oh geez ash
i would be flipping out
good luck
and i love your little chicken
and race car driver

Anonymous said...

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genevieve said...

i've heard it too ash...but it ain't gettin me to cut his hair!
{hugaroooos for yoooo} my dear.

Tanya said...

I only moved an hour and a half away from you and it feels like I'm in Egypt or something. I'm not gonna lie, I hate the idea of you being that far away, but we've done it before, huh? I can't imagine it, but if it's what you both want/need, then go for it...when the time is right.

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Man, that really sucks! No pressure, just figure out the rest of your lives right NOW! That's a big ol pooper!

Love their costumes! My boys' hair is so long that I think soon they might be mistaken for girls. I hope not though. :(

Ryann said...

Oh, Ashley! I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling rushed into a decision! Please know that you'll have a new family in Indiana... your friends! and a great community! You'll see your mom more often than you think and the time that you do spend with her will be even more important and special! I'm sure you guys will do what is right for your family. And, if you want to go back to school there are a ton of opportunities in Indy for that! I'd hate to see you guys get locked into a lease and feel trapped. Maybe it's time to take a leap of faith... what ever you decide, all of your friends will stand behind you! Let me know if you guys want to come visit Indy for a few days to check out your options!

erika said...

heehee...bing and jack.
i can see the face that bing prolly flashed them too..the WTF face ;)
moving is hard.
it is.
i say go for it.
it's not sooo hard that you can't move back eventually if it's not for you.
but you'll never know...until you try ;)
big hugs to you...and we MUST talk soon.
(and that moving advice has NOTHING to do w/ me wanting to be closer to you...nope...nothing...no selfish motives here)

Becky R.T. said...

Hi Ashley, you don't know me, but I try to read you blog regularly. It sounds like you are in a bit of a pickle, and it stinks to try to make a decision as to what would be best for your family, under pressure. But, I do think that if you don't move, you will never know. And you already know that you are not fufilled and happy where you are. I mean, sure you are happy, but you have a lot of questions. I think you should take the leap of faith, and if it does not work out, at least you know. Instead of wondering. Good luck!

Sarah said...

I feel ya, honey.
I happen to have a great house for sale if you want to move to texas....I'm leaving the fam too.
Wretched. and Wonderful.
and Wretched.
Poor, poor you.

linda b. said...

oh i hope you guys get to figure it all out.

and ethan would've had to throw down w/ jude for that jeff gordon costume. i'm a bad mummy and only got him a generic race car driver costume from gymboree. =P

and i agree w/ what most peple are saying, it will be hard to move away from your family, but if it opens up a whle new life and opportunity, you should go for it. good luck.

Caroline said...

love the chicken and the race car driver!
like LOVE IT

and *hugs*

shannon said...

Those are two INSANELY cute kids. :)
Bummer about the house. Seems like in my life, the really big decisions always had to be made quickly, without a ton of time to think it over.
My advice? Take the risk. Try it. If you don't like it, you can move back. But if you don't, you'll always have it nagging you and bringing you down. Sometimes it's good if you don't have a ton of time to think it over. :)