I am watching Reign Over Me with my husband.
I am going to eat popcorn and hot tamales w/said husband while watching said movie.
( I always talk about this...but SERIOUSLY you need to try it)

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KaylaAimee said...

i have never heard of such a terrible combinatino as this ashers.

KaylaAimee said...


not the movie+husband.
the popcorn+hot tamales

staceyfike said...

you have jim on your banner.
we MUST be friends!

shelly b said...

I'm not gonna knock it til I try it..but yuck! How was the movie? (just dropping by your blog for the first time!) love your stories! you make me laugh.

tanya_williams said...

I OWE you for my popcorn/hot tamale addiction!!!! Love you more though:)

Courtney DeLaura said...

oh that movie - ohhhhh

island girl said...

hehehe...i'm a peanut m&m or reeses pieces with popcorn kinda girl!

michelle raMirez said...

i am dying of britney welcoming me to your blog.
and that header...love!
look at you all updated.
happy halloween!

Joy said...

Long time lurker....hubby and I were at the movies Sunday we tried this and it was pretty good