Little Miss Fried Green Tomato

I love, love, love this snapshot of my fantastic four...Mint Oreos, milk in a icecream sundae bowl, bing's little freddy krueger sweater, marley in just a diaper ON TOP of the table since she is OVER her high chair...jude in his little waffle shirt with his little springy hair...and my sweet husband, the best dad ever who started this whole oreo community dipping tradition.

A sweet girl named Amy Lapi sent me this book and got me glued
after I scraplifted her P.S I love you page....and then the amazing Sarah Bowen had everyone be festive all the way down to simple paperclips...so I used a Tia Bennett font and made myself a bookmark.
I made a few more, that do seriously add a little fun to the mundane.

And the last picture is a card also from the Sarah's delicious Christmas class...and I'm not mistaken, the "peace" is a Kelly Purkey font from Purple Onion.

Tonight is the Christmas Parade, it will be our first here in Knoxville.
Nothing could be crappier than the El Dorado, Arkansas one we got accustomed to.
I sware the whole flipping parade consisted of beauty pageant winners on top of new Mustangs or Camaros, with glittery banners wrapped around them while they waved.
I mean I want to see a marching band, and Santa Claus and some horses...not Little Miss Fried Green Tomato..sheesh.

Got to go Marley Jane Valentine keeps pressing the scanner on and off button...and I think she is starting to print some pictures on the printer.
Merry Friday!

don't forget about my awesome secret that I will get to share soon.

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9 people took the time to say:

Jody said...

You're little family is a treasure! And it makes me really happy because I KNOW that you know this and appreciate it to the fullest. You're paper clip is adorable...and I am dying to see this book on the big screen for my birthday in a couple of weeks. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas in Knoxville this year. And that all your dreams come true. And maybe someday Marly will be riding on a convertible waving to the crowds with a sash and gown. I can just imagine the grin you'd be wearing as she passes you on the street. {he he he...just my (sick, but very precious) sweet dream}
Love to you this whole month. And in the future too. =)

kim brimhall said...

OH my! I actually wrote a poem in college about the "el dorado christmas parage beauty queens" it was called "small town superstar" i wont share it just in case someone from our lovely hometown passes through here. but i am so with you on that.

Sarah said...

I love your blog.
It always, ALWAYS makes me happy.
And I'm aching to know what your secret is! It's such fun to have surprises at Christmas!

tanya_williams said...

Now I want an oreo...but I want one with you guys!!! Miss you...love catching up here:)

kim brimhall said...

ps-that's an amazing book. you know the movie is coming out!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

ashley, you have no idea how much i enjoy reading your posts. little glimpses into your world. so fun! so i wanted to say thank you! for making me smile with your cute pics and cute lists and all around cuteness!

Pound said...

you killed me w/ that freddy kreuger sweater. HAHA!!!
i'm dying to know your secret. you know you can't mention it, and then not mention it. you should email me. :P

Anonymous said...

lol too funny...I can picture the whole beauty pageant thing! And next time you have a dipping oreo thing you need to have me there...such a fun idea!

Anonymous said...