The Cheese to my Macaroni

Its not to often that I really want to see a movie.

A movie that I talk about non-stop.

A movie that renting it at Blockbuster when it comes out just won't suffice.

I've been wanting to watch JUNO for months and months.

I finally watched it and of course, like everyone else...am truly, madly, deeply in love with it.

I think I felt every single emotion possible while watching that movie.

It was perfect.

The music, the dialogue, the ending.

So I challenge you.
I challenge you to create a page titled "__________ is the cheese to my macaroni".
You Fill in the blank.
Make a scrapbook page.
Leave me the link...You have exactly 7 days from today.

So on January 31st, 2008 by 9:42am eastern time I will check em out - and randomly pick a winner. (Here at my blog I make you work for you RAK :o)

The winner will receive a 3/4 order of Rainbow Sushi.

It contains:

10 sheets of my Scrap In Style paper collection, Rainbow Sushi. (2 of each design)
1 sheet of adhesive "fortunes" by Ashley Wren
1 sheet of cardstock "flash" cards by Ashley Wren
1 set of Scenic Route Berkely alphabet stickers in red.

And does the movie poster not scream INSPIRATION?!
I promise to do it too.


25 people took the time to say:

island girl said...

I'm so jealous....I so want to see this movie!!

Vicky said...

come to New Zealand!..I am all over this challenge!

Vicky said...

hmmm that should have said 'I cant wait for the Juno to come to New Zealand'...but you are most welcome too! hehe

Patti said...

YES! love this movie...i have already made two layouts with lyrics from the amazing soundtrack...now i'm off to do a third!!! great challenge....

Sarah said...

I seriously *heart* that movie

Next time I see that Bleeker kid I'm going to punch him in the wiener

Amber Risher said...

I seriously want to see that movie...that guy cracks me up so freakin' bad! That kid is hilarious! I so want to do this challenge...I hope I can find the time to make something that puts the Extra cheese on the Macaroni! Can't wait to see what everyone else does but I seriously want that sushi!!!!!


jenjock1 said...

2 things. First, I want to see that movie. Badly.
Second, I am in love with the Krasinski banner....could only be better if dwight was on there too. :)
I would love to play, however, i still have not found time to do the first overlooked challenge, so i somehow doubt I'll get to it.
but great idea.

jenjock1 said...

oh, and great RAK goodies too...I love the sushi. And i normally HATE sushi. BUt not this sushi.

kim brimhall said...

oh i love this. i loved it! and i love the challenge:)

Patti said...

here is my finished LO: http://www.scrapinstyletv.com/portfolio/view_layout.php?layout_id=65417
so much fun...can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!!!

Sarah said...

I wish people would stop talking about this movie! I want to see it so bad!

I agree that the poster is a whole heaping helping of inspo right there.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand mac and cheese... so can I title my page "the jelly to my peanut butter"? LOL

Linda said...

Ok Ashley, Here's mine! This was a fun one! And I haven't even seen Juno yet! Hopefully this weekend!

amy lapi said...

omg i am OBSESSED.

ps.. i saw PSILY and we have to talk :)

Deanna said...

Here's mine ms wren!
thanks for the challenge and the inspo!!



Vee said...

this is cool, going to try and do you awesome challenge :) I want to see this movie SO BAd :)

Kara said...

this is awesome! totally need to do this.

Karen said...

I love this movie~glad you got to see it!

Je said...

Hi Ashley,
Thank you for putting this challenge up, sometimes I want to do a layout and am just to lazy to sit down and do it. Here's mine:
Cheese to my Macaroni

Jennifer Hisi

april harris said...

Love this idea, here is mine:
she is the cheese to my macaroni

Bekka said...

Love this challenge. I made this right after seeing the movie!


About Me. said...

Ashley,great challenge, now I need to see the movie! Here is my page..


melanie said...

here's my cheese:


thanks! this was fun.

shawnna said...

i finished mine (a little late) but I love how it turned out - will take a pick and post on my blog tomorrow

Anonymous said...

it looks good! And now after reading that it met your expectations I just might see it :)