My girl sarah b. did a Top Ten style post the other day - and since my brain is all over the place I think a top ten would kind of help group the scatteredness (is that a word?) the allovertheplaceness there now THAT has to be a word.

1. Rainbow Sushi is now for sale! This is soooo exciting for me - A dream come true - And sure I've felt like throwing up everytime I thought about it being released but I really hope you like it as much as I do! Go getcha one!

2. Overlooked - OH MY GOD. I am floored. I mean when I came up with the concept, and jotted tons of ideas in my journal and thought about it - I was excited. I could envision 100 coffee mugs, but I never thought that I would have 189 members and 161 photos and counting!!! on the 3rd day! So if you are reading this - and you have no idea what I'm talking about please go check it - its going to be a good meaningful project. And I really feel that I was considerate of the fact that we are all so busy, thus breaking it up into three parts over three weeks. I am soooooooo inspired with this project.

fashionista happenings...
3. My doodly girl Adrienne is conducting a photography class. I know for me - Its much needed. I'm always look at you folks with those rad photos that are all rockstar and grungy looking - and I'm like how in the HELL did you that? Well...Adrienne is going to show you. And what is so cool about it - and what I respect so much about Adrienne is that she is SELF-TAUGHT - so I know she is going to be very real, and very understandable in her explanations for things. So if you are interested, or if becoming a better photographer is one of your new year's resolutions just go check it out and see if its something for you.

4. My constant companion Courtney is lining all sorts of fun stuff up for Project 52. Dude...a whole year for $52.00? Thats seriously crazy...and she is the best teacher...yes I'm partial but you would agree.

5. My mega inspirational Sarah is having an Alterations class. If I could scrapbook ONE snippet like she does by taking that class - seriously. Love whats in that girls head. She oozes creativity to me.

6. Vintage Momma KL is having a soldering class. I sware could i be surrounded by more talented people? And whats so cool is that everyone has their strength. So I get to sit back and learn from all of them!

7. I hope you are wearing a diaper - Stacey you made my day with this. I had to change clothes after I read this. That's all I'm saying. I'm immature. There I said it - and this totally catered to that.

8. Laundry is so much better when you do it by the day and by the basket. No more Mt. Laundry's on the bed!

9. Nashville Crop and get together next weekendwith some of my most favorite people on the planet.

10. CHA in Anaheim without the CHA. Want to see Nora, and my F-Girls, and DIH-NEY land and go to DIH-NEY land WITH my F-Girls.

11. Listening to Kate Nash- very Lily Allen/Regina Spektorish - but I love her witty lyrics and its so peppy.

12. I miss this girl. So much. And so does the scrap world. Love you amby.

11 people took the time to say:

kim brimhall said...

Okay...congrats to you! but bad for me...cuz i just went to buy your kit and its already out of stock:(
which of course if would be, its fabulous!!
im so happy for you! and so not happy for myself:)

but tell me they will get it in stock again right:)

Jessica F said...

You're coming for CHA?!?! Dude, that's my hood! Well, close enough ;) One CHA was enough for me as well so I'll be skipping it but I'll be around! xo

Congrats on rainbow sushi- so fun!!!

Michelle said...

eeek!! yay for you, sushi rocks! =) And there are just way way too many awesome links in this post...ima have to go back and visit each one =)

kerry lynn said...

number 10 makes me very happy.

Amber Nichole said...

i misses you 2 buttercuppers.
the scrapping world is fine without me...but i do miss it. :o(
i miss scrap-overs, and sneaky peeks, and late night chats.
that i misses the mostest.
congrats to u my friend.
i hope you are on cloud 9.
cause i know i am for you.

staceyfike said...

got my sushi :)

can't wait for TN!

see you there!

(p.s. i'm immature too i guess b/c i totally lmfao)


MJ said...

Had a lot of fun looking at your blog and all the creative ideas popping into your head! Thanks for starting Overlooked! I'm just waiting for the next step (albeit I haven't posted it on Flicker ~ I just do blogs, no facebook, Flicker etc! I haven't the patience to do all the signing up stuff!)

Leah said...

I am LOVIN' your overlooked blog..and all the prompts you posted today..that is just awesome. Thank YOU for heading up something like this.
Also can't wait to meet you at the TN Crop. Fun stuff.

Breanne Crawford said...

you do laundry every day!?!?! wow. that's incredible.

i am going to go stare at my mount laundry :-p

(oh, and yea, super congrats again)

lisa garay said...

like breanne said, "you do laundry every day!?!?! wow. that's incredible."

dang it.
...and next, your probably gonna tell me you feed & bathe your kids everyday, too.

oh, and that olan mills thingy was hill-ar-i-ous.

love you, miss wren.

Amber Risher said...

Someone sent me that email about the Olin Mills pics last week and I seriously almost pissed myself. I sent it to my mom and later that night we were recapping the pics and I almost fell off of the couch laughing so hard just talking about it..."Thoughtful Lance, Mirthful Lance"...lmfao I saved that email for depressing days so I can laugh. So hilarious!