Cheese to my Macaroni. (and a winner!)

i have been slacking.
i realize this.
but I'm at that place where my personal life is going really well, working on ME, working on our home, being with my children - and when you are 100% focused on home and family - that leaves no % for cyber world.
And you know what?
I'm ok with that.
Linda send me your address babe - you are the winner!

11 people took the time to say:

shawnna said...


i know the contest is already over but I wanted to share the layout - I love how it turned out - VERY FUN- Thanks for the challenge!!!!
:D :D :D

staceyfike said...

so last night someone at work borrowed my phone.
and then they said "i accidently called ashley wren..." (because your name is first on my phone book)
so if your phone rang once last night before they could hang up.
technically it was me.

Linda said...

Oh my gosh!! This is so exciting!!!! I've never won anything before! Yay!!! Thank you so much Ashley!!!!

Breanne Crawford said...

what a totally rocking page :)

Anonymous said...

i just wandered over here from Overlooked and had to tell you 2 things:
01. i, too, have an enormous crush on Jim Halpert
02. my boyfriend made me a card for valentine's day. it says "you are the pam to my jim"

(we're watching season three all night tonight)

kim brimhall said...

you're my hero. home is always more important. and im jealous that i dont have your phone number!

love, me

kim brimhall said...

p.s. love your page!

heyhoewarren said...

I just happened upon your blog - your stuff just rocks Ashley!! I'm so inspired right now! Lisa.

Michelle said...

....oooh...congrads, winner! That page rocks!! =)

Melonie said...

AWW! Love this page!

Amber Risher said...

yay for the winner. I am still wanting to see Juno so bad! I told my friend I wanted to see it and then she proceeded to tell me how wonderful it was and on and on...I told her to hush! LOL So I am bummed that I missed out on this but big congrats to the winner the lo is awesome!