if there is anyone out there...
anyone at all reading this.
just know that I am working on updating this.
the links, the header...and yep even a new post.
i am rededicating myself to my blog...and I will write about anything and everything I'm feeling.
no holding back.


so now i will leave you with Mr. Roboto.

18 people took the time to say:

kaci said...

Oh my gosh your kids are the cutest! keep on rocking.

Amber Nichole said...

i so love sean "daddy" wren's work. he is truly a cinematic genius.
and of course the acting of bing and marley j...wow...i could just feel the robot in my blood.

secret secret.
i so can't wait to see you next month. we best still be on. i took a damn vacation day.
xo me

metrochic said...

omg, that video freaking made my night. geniuspants.

can i do your makeup at the SISiversary?

staceyfike said...

#1 - i'm totally holding you to the "blog more" promise.

#2 - that video just made my crappy day so much better.

thanks love! :)

tanya_williams said...

I never liked Styx until now!
Bing was AWESOME! MJ's cameo was pricele$$, too:) Tell "Daddy" Wren to keep up the good work!

erika said...

love the bing.
that was hysterical...
love his little moves...
and how he was trying to play off his mild annoyance w/ the camera...
and MJ is too cute for words.
more videos please.

Jody said...

Mr. Roboto is adorbale!! And I can't wait to see more of you- raw and real!! Love ya. Mucho.

Amber Risher said...

ok, so your kids are like the cutest and they are soooo baby twins of you! Precious and btw I love your new lo of your sister..it really touched my heart!

xx, Amber R

amy lapi said...

LOLOL!! he is SOO cute.

jen renee said...

domo arigato - that was hysterical!

pakosta said...

that can NOT be mj walking around can it?! NO WAY~ what little dolls~

nikki peterson said...

um yeah, what stacey said!
seriously, might need to babysit that boy just so i can see more of those moves. i really have a few tears in my eyes, so what i needed!

sarah.b said...

OMG!!! I want to eat him!!

Anonymous said...


your kiddos are gorgeous!

Love Mr. Roboto...can't wait to see the new blog...have a great night!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

seriously CUTE!!! what a little star....well two little stars!!!

Pound said...

OMG i am LMAO @ that robot.

Holly Terra said...

oh my,
THAT video will be the perfect little number to show all girlfriends when he gets older :)
Your family is much more fabulous on video then you can tell in pictures.

adrienne said...

LOL mr roboto!!!! in real life and everything hahah :) so cute ash!!